If you are looking for a Digital marketing agency, there are a few questions that you should never ask them. These may seem like innocent questions, but they can be really insulting to the company.

Questions You Should Never Ask An Digital Marketing Agency
Questions You Should Never Ask An Digital Marketing Agency

In this blog post, we will discuss 12 dumb things to avoid asking when interviewing potential companies.

Do you have an office?

This is a weird question to ask right off the bat. Most Digital marketing agencies work from home offices or coworking spaces. The business will most likely tell you if they do not have one of these and where it is located. They may also be willing to bring their team together for meetings outside of their normal work hours.

Do you do traditional marketing?

This question is very revealing of your intentions as a client. Most Digital marketing agencies focus on digital and social media advertising, such as Facebook ads or Instagram influencers. If these services are not up to your alley, then this company may not be the right fit for you. However, if you are just not sure what type of marketing they do, you can ask them to send over their case studies or email a portfolio.

Can you make the logo BIGGER?

There is a reason that the logo appears in several different sizes and orientations on their website. That’s because it looks good no matter where you place it or how big it is! This question shows your ignorance of best practices of marketing, so don’t ask this unless you want an eye-roll from them.

Why should I be on Social Media?

Social media is a great place to share your brand with the world. It gives potential customers a way to directly engage in conversation about you and your products, as well as learn more about what they have been missing out on!

Can you put a detailed execution plan in the proposal?

This question sounds like you want them to write a proposal for this specific project without having even discussed it. The Digital marketing agency will be happy to send over their proposal, but they cannot just create an execution plan out of thin air without speaking with you first about the goals and budget that each campaign requires.

Let us hire an Intern to do Content and Social Media?

This is a huge red flag for any Digital marketing agency. If you are not willing to invest in your company’s online presence, they will be happy to pass on the opportunity to work with you. It takes more than just writing posts or scheduling social media posts – it requires strategy and research! They may recommend hiring an intern instead if you are willing to put in the effort.

Can you some animation to that creative and convert it as a video?

This question shows that you have no idea what goes into a digital marketing campaign. Creating video content requires professional equipment and years of experience, so it will probably not be cost-effective for your small business. They will most likely recommend using an animated GIF instead! We can do everything from simple memes to animation videos with very little time and money.

Can you make this video go viral?

A viral video is what every business wants, but it isn’t easy to accomplish. The Digital marketing agency may be able to give you an estimate of how many people they can get to view your content with their services – however, the virality factor cannot really be controlled by them.

Can you make that more blue?

This question shows that you are not aware of the color theory. There is a reason why they chose to use this specific shade of blue, and it may be better for your business if you let them keep their branding instead! If all else fails, feel free to ask for more information about the color scheme so you can make an informed decision.

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Can you bring 100 leads from SEO?

SEO takes a lot of time and effort to implement, so it is not fair for you to ask them to bring in 100 leads within just one week. The Digital marketing agency will be more than happy to send over their monthly SEO packages or even handle the process themselves if they like your product/service!

Can you built the website and launch the campaign tomorrow?

A website can take up to a week or two for them to build, design, and send you the link. They may be able to launch your campaign within hours if they are familiar with your industry – however, don’t expect it all done right away just because somebody says that is possible!

Can I see our business in Google search next week?

In order to have a business appear in Google search, you need to be implementing SEO. The Digital marketing agency will not just put your website on page one within a couple of weeks because that is not how it works! It takes time and effort for good content to perform well online – so if this question makes them think you are rushing the process, they will not want to work with you.


Try avoiding these questions while picking or working with a digital marketing agency. They will be much happier to answer your questions if they are reasonable and you have a better chance of building a good relationship.

Do not ask for random projects to be completed without discussing them first because that shows the agency why you don’t know what goes into digital marketing campaigns. Your question can show them that you want them to work hard for you without any compensation – so make sure to be reasonable!