One of the most important aspects of building your business is establishing a strong brand. A strong, recognizable brand can be an invaluable asset to any company.

However, in order for your brand to stand out amongst the competition, it needs SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways that you can build your online presence and project a professional image to potential customers.

SEO will help you rank higher in search results.

Higher rankings = more high-quality, organic traffic.

12 Ways SEO Is The Secret To Brand-Building
12 Ways SEO Is The Secret To Brand-Building

An increased website presence can build brand awareness among your target audience.

If people are searching for what you have to offer and find it on the first page of Google, they’re much more likely to become a customer.

SEO provides a direct line of communication to your target audience, which can help you measure how well your brand is resonating with potential customers.

You’ll be able to monitor keyword trends and the demographics of people who are searching for what you offer in order to expand product lines or adjust marketing strategies as necessary.

SEO can help you understand how people are currently perceiving your brand.

You’ll be able to identify which content is gaining traction and build off of that momentum in order to improve the overall image of your business as a whole.

Establishing an online presence through SEO will increase customer loyalty, especially if those customers started with a search result and ended up on your website.

This will help you build a strong relationship with customers, which can lead to repeat sales and word-of-mouth marketing in the future!

From keyword research to link-building strategies, these are 12 ways that SEO will help you construct a stronger brand!

Google loves top of funnel content.

Google ranks higher-quality content more highly. That means that if your content is top-of-funnel and relevant to the searcher’s initial query, Google will reward it with a higher position.

This increased placement can be invaluable for small businesses or startups that are looking to rank well in search results and capture high-quality traffic from Google.

Smaller companies often struggle to compete with larger brands in terms of volume of content and page optimization. However, SEO offers a unique opportunity for smaller businesses to rank as well as larger corporations, even if their volume of content is lower.

After Google’s May update, any page may appear in Top Stories.

Google’s May update paved the way for more brands to take advantage of SEO.

The search giant’s “Top Stories” section is now populated by pages that are deemed “top stories” in Google News. This section has been limited to articles that are deemed newsworthy enough, but this limited section has now expanded to include non-news content as well.

This means that any page may appear in Top Stories depending on its popularity. However, pages with the best SEO will have a much higher chance of appearing in Top Stories when they rank better for their respective keywords.

With branding, low-competition image searches work well.

One of the most effective strategies for SEO is to leverage low-competition keywords. Particularly in image searches, these keywords are often high volume with low competition.

This is an excellent strategy for content marketers who want to capture traffic on Google but may not have the time or resources to optimize their content for different search terms. By focusing only on the high volume, low competition keywords relevant to their industry, content marketers will be able to rank higher more quickly and at a lower cost.

Typically, these searches are broad enough that they can be applied across multiple industries; this means that by targeting one keyword you’ll be able to build your brand visibility in many niches!

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Organic results are more trusted than sponsored advertisements.

This is because people can see that the website in the organic search is not paid for and has taken the time to create a quality website that is easy to use and navigate.

The other reason we trust organic results is that they are unbiased and not sponsored. With this, we know if we click onto the page it will not affect our experience with any advertisements or pop-ups.

Google’s Core Web Vitals update could level the playing field.

Google’s Core Web Vitals update could level the playing field between big brands and smaller companies. The Core Web Vitals update is designed to measure the user experience on a page-by-page basis, rather than using metrics like pageviews or bounce rates.

By focusing on UX, there is more of an emphasis on quality content and less on quantity. This means that smaller companies may have a better chance at ranking higher in search results for their industry because they are often able to create high-quality content without worrying about competing with larger corporations for the sheer volume of content.

Build authority in relevant keyword groups by utilizing SEO.

Authority is built by utilizing SEO, which can be done by focusing on optimizing for relevant keywords. These keywords are often high volume with low competition so they provide content marketers with an excellent opportunity to rank higher in search results and capture traffic at a lower cost.

Using low-competition keywords enables content marketers to rank higher in image searches because the volume of images that are relevant to their industry will be much lower than other industries. This means that you can focus on capturing traffic for one relevant keyword and still benefit from ranking well across many niches!

When it comes down to it, SEO provides an excellent opportunity for content marketers to rank higher in search results and build their brand-building efforts.

Optimise for voice search

Voice recognition is quickly on the rise. This is not only affecting the search industry, but the way we shop, entertain ourselves, and more. To capitalize on this trend, it’s vital to invest in SEO for voice search. With voice search, people will be able to talk to their device of choice without having to type or click around on a screen of any kind. Voice recognition will understand what they’re looking for and give them the answer they’re looking for.

This means that websites need to be optimized with natural-spoken keywords that are relevant to what you offer so that your site comes up first in response. It also means that your website needs to be optimized with coding that can be read by a voice-recognition software

Expanded search results snippets are underway

Expanded search results snippets are a new update from Google that will allow for more content to be seen with a search result. This is going to include headlines, snippets, and videos so that users have a better idea of what the page is about before they click on the link. This is going to be especially helpful for consumers who may not read as much online.

This means that it’s more important than ever to write quality content that provides readers with key information that they want or needs from your site. It means that you have less of an incentive to create pages just for the sake of having content on the web and can instead focus on gathering high-quality information and providing it in a format that readers can easily digest.

Video searches use SEO and snippets too

Video searches also utilize SEO and snippets. When videos are uploaded to a site, they can be optimized to rank well in search results. You should focus on including relevant keywords that will make it easier for the video to rank for that keyword in the search results. The same applies to snippets and headlines about the video. Include relevant keywords so that you can rank higher than your competition in image and voice search results. For YouTube SEO, we recommend TubeBuddy, check the review here.

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SEO and branding encourage integrity in everything you publish

When you’re working on SEO for your site, it’s important to have integrity in everything that you publish. People are often driven to read content that they feel is accurate and relevant. If they don’t, then it can be difficult for them to trust your site or future content. You want people to believe what you have to say so that they’ll do business with you down the line!

This means that you need to focus on being honest about anything that you post on the web–from reviews of products to articles regarding relevant topics. It means avoiding spammy tactics like buying links or trading reviews so that your site will benefit from increased rankings and authority.

Make your site-local search-friendly

It’s important to have your site localized in order to rank well for regional search queries. If you produce industry-based content, it’s easy for this to happen naturally. If you’re not, then it may be necessary to create additional pages that are optimized for local searches so that they rank well in the listings when someone is looking for products or services in that location.

This means that you want to focus on designing your site to provide visible contact information so that people can reach out and touch you if they need more information. It also means giving directions to your business location if possible and including maps and landmarks of any nearby places of interest.

Google’s mobile usability update requires better branding on sites

Google’s mobile usability update is looking to penalize websites that are not optimized for all devices. Google will be looking at how easily the site can be read on a smaller device, so it’s important to have clear headers, concise text copy, and easy-to-read formatting regardless of what platform someone may view your site on.

This means that you want to focus on making it easy for people to read your content using different devices. Use clear headers and text formatting so that the information is readily available no matter what device someone may be looking at your site from. It also means ensuring that all images are sized correctly, especially if they contain any relevant keywords or hashtags – this will help them rank better in image search results.


When it comes to branding, SEO is the key. It allows you to produce higher-quality content that can rank in search engines without relying on spammy tactics or trading reviews for increased rankings. Whether you’re working with video, localizing your site for regional searches, or making sure that your site loads more quickly on mobile devices–SEO ensures that a site is built with integrity and ease-of-use in mind.

Building your brand can be difficult, but SEO makes it simple by encouraging you to produce content that’s high quality and relevant without relying on spammy tactics or paid reviews.