You need a killer sales pitch to close deals. The truth is, there are plenty of great marketing ideas out there that will help you sell your products and services. You just have to know what they are!

In this blog post, we’re going to cover 5 key points that every killer sales pitch needs in order to be successful.

5 Key Points for a Killer Sales Pitch: How to Sell Marketing
5 Key Points for a Killer Sales Pitch: How to Sell Marketing

In truth, your sales pitch only demonstrates how effective you are at marketing.

A bad pitch equals a terrible marketer who can’t make sales.

A great pitch is a sales presentation that demonstrates your capacity to close the deal.

That is why each sales pitch must contain these fundamental five key points. These ideas are based on marketing concepts that you employ with your clients. However, they’re being used for your consultancy or agency this time around.

Who Do You Help?

A sales pitch may not seem to be about anything, but it must have a message. You should talk about who you help in your sales statement, just as you would with an excellent sales page. Because of the riches in the niches, being a jack of all trades won’t benefit your freelance consulting or agency. You should be clear about who you help and why.

You can’t be all things to everyone, so pick a certain target audience that you want. This will make it easier for your sales message when you speak about them in the pitch.

Be clear with who you are helping before speaking about yourself or your agency because this is what they care most about! If potential clients can’t see a clear picture of who you are helping, they’ll have no idea if your business will be able to help them.

Make sure this is present in every sales pitch that you give because it’s the most important part of marketing!

In order for people to think about buying from us, we must first show what makes us different from our competitors.

Your pitch can say:

“We do new business with profits of less than $100,000 in converting that to million dollars.”

“Our firm specializes in B2C SaaS solutions.”

The more specific you are about who you assist, the simpler it will be to demonstrate to potential customers that you’re the ideal freelancer, employee, or agency for the position.

It’s similar to narrowing down your customer avatar. Who is your ideal marketing client? To convert them into customers, get clear on who you offer to.

What Marketing Strategy/Strategies Do You Use?

The first step in your sales pitch is to understand who you are assisting. It’s now time to talk about how you may assist them. There are many types of marketing, and organizations require assistance with a variety of issues across the board.

Some enterprises, for example, need better content planning. Other firms, on the other hand, require assistance with sponsored advertising. As a digital marketer, you may assist companies in many ways.

Not only do you have to win over the business owner (or employee in charge of making the purchase decision), but you also need to persuade them that you’re the person for the job. Guess who just got hired as a result of this? If your expertise is in content marketing, and they want to boost their content marketing activities, guess who got a paycheck? You!

Make it clear who you assist and how you help them to demonstrate to your clients why you’re the ideal freelancer, employee, or agency for the position.

Show Proof of Results

What’s the use of a sales pitch without evidence of results? When you buy a product or service, you want to know that it’s genuine and won’t break in a week. Your potential customers want the same assurance.

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As with marketing, you must include evidence of results in your sales presentation. Use case studies of clients who have benefited from your marketing skills to demonstrate the benefits of your services. Add extra points if you utilize similar clients as the prospective new one you’re attempting to acquire.

If you’re trying to demonstrate results for a B2B SaaS subscription service, offer them evidence of success with a previous B2B SaaS subscription business that you helped improve 10x traffic and 5x conversions.

If photos show what you want, then results will show your clients what they want. Proof of results is an important thing, so they know their money is being spent the right way.

Add at least 2 or 3 Customer Testimonials

What’s better than self-congratulations? Your clients are praising you. And it’s quite a difference. This is something we see in our marketing efforts all the time. People want to know that others, just like them, were satisfied with your services. You should provide proof of results as the foundation for this strategy. Testimonials are the icing on the cake.

When prospective customers discover that your clients are willing to associate their name and company with your marketing campaigns—it’s the ultimate seal of approval. It’s a blinking neon green sign that screams, “People know, like, and trust you enough to link themselves to your business.”

The key to incorporating testimonials into your proposal isn’t simply to cut and paste fantastic things your clients have said in the past. To establish your professionalism and competence, integrate them into your pitch.

Integrate client testimonials that demonstrate how wonderful you are at what you do and how grateful your clients are.

End with a Call to Action

Sometimes people are not sure what to do. This is what you should do: tell them to take the next step. It does not have to be hard.

You should make it clear early on that, while you may provide the most valuable information, you will not force a situation onto them or request they add anything to their to-do list in order to act. It must be as easy as possible since one of the most important words in marketing is frictionless. The action your prospect takes depends on where they are in the buying cycle.

If you’re making a cold approach, ask them if they’d be interested in receiving a free piece of information or having a free consultation call with an anticipated result.

It’s critical to choose the best call to action for each cold pitch. If you’re in a creative rut, go with the one that has the most value added.

Don’t Send Your Sales Pitch Without

  1. Explaining what businesses you help
  2. Telling them how you’re going to help
  3. Showing proof of results
  4. Highlighting customer testimonials
  5. A value-based call to action

These are the same marketing principles that you will use when you work for clients. It is like the world of marketing. We all live in it, and it is really fun!

We know how to market things. We can use this for ourselves, like growing our own business and getting to show off OUR proof of results.