Affiliate marketing is a popular way to make money online, and if you’re looking for new ways to increase your commissions, this blog post may be just what you need!

Affiliates have come up with some creative hacks that allow them to make more money.

You’ll learn about 9 unique affiliate marketing tips in this article, including how to find the best offers and how to create an optimal offer page.

9 Unique Ways to Increase Commissions with Affiliate Marketing
9 Unique Ways to Increase Commissions with Affiliate Marketing

Thank you pages

A lot of marketers and business owners are not leveraging the thank you page properly, but this is the right place to upsell your service or product to your Customer.

Once your Customer lands on a thank you page, that means they already trust you, and they have either given their email to you or made a purchase with you.

Now is the chance to give them a scarcity offer and push them for an upsell.

You can include Affiliate Marketing tips in your email footer, and that way, every time you send an email to your Customer, they will be reminded of the Affiliate offers.

Website Menu

You can also include Affiliate Marketing tips in your website menu, and that way, every time they visit one of the pages on your site, you will remind them about Affiliate offers.

Affiliates have come up with some creative hacks that allow them to make more money.

Do these Affiliate Marketing Hacks work? Yes! They work really well! Affiliates have been using these Affiliate Marketing Tips for years, and they are making a lot of money.

Unannounced Bonuses

If Affiliate is not savvy enough to create an offer page that works, then you can always use unannounced bonuses.

This means that Affiliates will create the bonus on their website without announcing it or telling people about it and when they make a purchase with Affiliate Marketing offers, Affiliate would ask them if they want this bonus.

Memberships Website

Drive all your audience to a membership website so they are part of your community and, inside the community, engage with them by providing more value. Since this is your own private community, you can promote any product you want. Just make sure you promote products that are related to the community, niche, and audience.

WhatsApp Auto Reply

This option is only for business accounts. You can set up an automatic reply that includes the offer you’re promoting. Make sure that your offer is persuasive, so people will want to take action.

Facebook Group

You can use Facebook groups as a way to build your community. If you start with Facebook, then membership sites might not be necessary. Once you have many people in the group, then invite them to join a membership site.

Support Ticket emails

Your customers are going to write to you. You can answer them in the mail, and if they have a problem, you can give them an answer that will help them solve it. If the product helps, they might buy it after being convinced by your reply.

121 Calls

You can do free or paid 121 consultations to your customers while providing a solution for their problem; you might also be able to recommend relevant affiliate products to them.

The major benefit of doing 121 is, you will be able to understand your audience’s pain point and create content, which can help them in the future. You also get to connect with them personally, so they might even recommend you to their friends & peers.


Did you know these hacks? What hack are you going to implement for your affiliate business? Comment below and share this article with your friends, who will benefit from this.

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