Personalize your landing page - 5 Best Practices To Supercharge Your Landing Pages Increase Conversions Today
5 Best Practices To Supercharge Your Landing Pages: Increase Conversions Today 2

What does your landing page say about you? If your answer is “not much,” then it’s time to take a hard look at how you build your marketing funnel.

Landing pages are one of the most important parts of building an effective marketing strategy, but they can be difficult to execute properly.

Let’s look at the 5 Best Practices To Supercharge Your Landing Pages in this blog, that can help you increase conversion.

It is very hard to build a high-converting landing page for your business. You need to do things that will make it work better. We hope these five tips can help you get started and help make your landing page better.

To use these landing page best practices, we need to be analytical about the data we see with our tools like Unbounce & Hotjar, and we need to be consistent with your A/B testing.

Now let’s talk about CRO marketing. You need to test your site before you launch it. This means setting up your tools and doing the testing before you start showing people your site. And don’t forget, you must have a strategy when doing this!

Best Practices To Supercharge Your Landing Pages

Best Practice #1: Have one conversion goal and CTA

We want only one path to conversion on our landing page design. We want people to do what we want them to do. And that is why we will make it easy for them to take the right action. They will have just one path.

Imagine you are running a PPC campaign. Someone clicks on the advertisement and lands on your page with many different choices to make. Your website visitor is more likely to go down a different path if you don’t have the ads on, and your PPC manager will be mad.

We call them landing pages because they are designed for one purpose, but you can’t add more than one goal. If you do that, the website will not work well, like when someone puts holes in their straw.

When you are building a landing page, be sure only to have one goal and offer on the page. You will see an increase in your conversion rate, and it will be easier to create content for that page if everything is focused on a singular goal.

Best Practice #2: Make sure your offer is based on the stage of the funnel

If people just hear about you from an article, they are not likely to convert and buy immediately. I won’t give you my email. But if you send me an ebook that is about what I want, then I will send it to my email.

Landing pages are a part of PPC campaigns. There is nothing to worry about because the person doing your PPC campaign will set them up for you.

However, it is still something that you need to think about during the planning stages of your website optimization. You should decide what content would be appropriate for people at different stages in the funnel.

Best Practice #3: Use a multi-step form

This is a best practice for lead-generation landing pages. It can increase your conversion rate for forms with more than four input fields.

A multi-step form is a way to break up several fields into many steps. When you finish one step, you can go to another step and finish that one. Then you can submit the form.

The strategy behind multi-step forms is to have people complete them. People are more likely to finish something they started.

The first step in a multi-step form should be easy to complete. It is like the project management psychology we have as humans. We want our efforts not to go to waste when we start a task.

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The key to a form that converts well is sorting the fields, starting with the least threatening ones. Starting with things like “How many pets do you have?” and working your way up to more personal information.

Start with the easiest questions. Then move on to harder ones.

Best Practice #4: Personalize your landing page 

Personalizing your landing pages is something new that you can do. You can use a platform called Proof which will help with the work. The idea behind personalized landing pages is to make content for different people. Create a special experience that connects them, and they will be more likely to convert.

Personalization is good, but you need to exercise restraint. It might be good for people to like the content being specific to them, but if you are too specific, it can have a bad effect. 

Something like if you found a website that could tell your age, race, and gender. And it is displayed on the screen. How would you feel? Sick? Violated? Likely not to convert to that company.

Best Practice #5: Make it load fast

One of the most important parts of a successful landing page is how fast it loads. Your page should load quickly, but it can be difficult to make it load quickly. Make sure you have a fast and stable server for your landing page.

To optimize your page speed, the first thing you need to do is optimize your image files. If you don’t have Unbounce or Photoshop, you can use TinyPNG to make your images smaller.

It is easy to change the speed of a website by taking away scripts that are running.

Digital Marketing agencies need to keep track of how many scripts they have. Too many scripts will take too long for a page to load. To see if the scripts you are running are slowing down your web page, use Google PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix. Both services are free, and you only need the URL of your web page to analyze it.

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Best practices are good things to do. We have found that they work well for our clients. When you have a page, make sure that you test and see what is making your rates go up or down. 

Now go update your existing landing pages to include these five best practices.