If you are looking for ways to improve your conversion rates, a few plugins can help. Popups are one of the most popular methods used by website owners to get visitors to perform certain actions.

Best WordPress Popup Plugins - Great for conversion optimization
Best WordPress Popup Plugins – Great for conversion optimization

In this post, we will discuss some of the best WordPress popup plugins in 2022!

From simple popup tools with basic editors to more sophisticated drag-and-drop builders, WordPress popup plugins can help you get returns on your investment, attract new leads, and increase newsletter subscribers. WordPress popup plugins are useful for piquing visitors’ interest and increasing conversions.

Do I Need a WordPress Popup Plugin?

How do I make a custom WordPress popup? A WordPress popup plugin will be required.

However, most email marketing services allow you to create a simple popup form.

The most serious disadvantage of utilizing a generic and basic popup form on your site is that it may be ugly and fail to catch attention.

To expand your email list, you’ll need visually appealing popup forms tailored to your current visitors. A simple and most popular approach to accomplish this is with a website popup plugin.

There are numerous of them, so how do you pick the finest WordPress popup plugin?

How to Choose the Best WordPress Popup Plugin?

When picking the finest WordPress popup plugin, we recommend choosing one that:

  • It is easy to use
  • Offers a variety of popup templates.
  • Supports Different campaign types
  • Option to trigger by customizable conditions.
  • Support your email marketing service
  • With excellent customer support

Popups are highly effective at increasing your email list, particularly when used correctly as an email opt form. However, popups may annoy visitors, which can decrease the quality of their visit to your site.

To avoid this, choose a WordPress popup plugin with great care. It’s critical to pick one with lots of features, looks professional, and allows you to turn it on or off as desired.

Don’t be concerned about setting up your website popup plugin. Don’t be anxious. Now it’s time to look at how simple the greatest WordPress popup plugins are to set up.

How Do I Use Popup Plugins in WordPress?

To utilize popup plugins in WordPress, simply download and install the software.

Because it’s simple to set up and has lots of resources to get you started, this is where all of the popup plugins on our list ended up.

With all that in mind, let’s look at the top popup plugins for WordPress.

Choose the Right WordPress Popup Plugins

Popup Domination

Popup Domination is more of a SaaS tool than a self-hosted WordPress plugin. It’s simple to use with WordPress sites and features many pre-built templates. It’s one of the most popular popup creation tools, with over 100 pre-designed templates.

This plugin enables you to display the popup to different people depending on user inactivity, time on the page, clicks, total time spent on the website, mouse hover, and exit intent. Traffic source, device, and geolocation are additional sophisticated targeting choices.

Pros of Popup Domination:

  • Friendly customer service
  • Compared to others, the price is reasonable
  • A contender in WordPress Popup Plugins
  • A contender in WordPress Mailing List Plugins
  • Best for Customer support
  • Best for ease of use

Cons of Popup Domination:

  • Lack of features compared to other solutions in this category.
  • When it comes to PopUp Domination’s visual editor, you won’t be able to create a completely new popup. You’ll have to utilize some of their pre-built templates and customize them as needed.

How Much Does Popup Domination Cost?

Popup Domination pricing starts from $9 – $29/month (Annual billing has a discount)


The OptinMonster is a popular online lead generation program that millions of websites have used. Its Exit-Intent® technology allows it to convert abandoned visitors into paying customers. It’s simply the greatest popup plugin available.

Pros of OptinMonster:

  • Exit-Intent® — Display a tailored campaign to clients about to leave your website.
  • OptinMonster provides page-level targeting and more sophisticated advertising capabilities, including referrer detection, geolocation, and other features.
  • Drag and drop builder for simple setup and customization
  • Choose from pre-designed popups or create your own from the ground up.
  • Create lightbox popups, floating notification bars, countdown timers, content lockers, fullscreen welcome mats, and slide-in scroll boxes using popup campaigns.
  • You may use it on a variety of domains using the same account. — OptinMonster is a SaaS (software as a service), so you can utilize the same account on numerous websites.
  • Their courteous and professional service personnel can assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have.
  • Create Google Analytics goals for your tracking.
  • OptinMonster is one of the greatest WordPress GDPR plugins.
  • Make spins your wheel — Utilize a discount wheel popup to improve your conversions.

Cons of OptinMonster:

  • There is no free option with OptinMonster. However, if you’re serious about making money online, the extra features are well worth the expense.

How Much Does OptinMonster Cost?

OptinMonster pricing starts from $9 – $49 per month (billed annually).


The use of social proof popup notifications has grown in popularity over the years (and has boosted sales). We certainly had to include TrustPulse on this list of the finest WordPress popup plugins since it’s the most powerful social proof plugin for business sites. It promotes trust, conversions, and purchases by displaying attractive social proof alerts on your website.

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Pros of TrustPulse:

  • Uses urgency — As a FOMO (fear of missing out) plugin, it generates a sense of urgency with timely updates.
  • It supports various platforms – it may be used on all major website platforms, including WordPress, Squarespace, Drupal, Shopify, and others.
  • Recent activity — Track purchases, downloads, and registrations on your site, then display them as recent activity.
  • TrustPulse uses geolocation to build a sense of urgency. (Check out some geolocation WordPress plugins if interested in this function.)
  • Notifications can be customized to appear on any device, at any time, or according to your preferences.

Cons of TrustPulse:

  • The free edition is limited to 500 sessions each month, but increasing that limit and gaining access to the advanced tools is simple.

How Much Does TrustPulse Cost?

TrustPulse pricing ranges at $19/month for the Pro plan (billed annually).


HubSpot provides a WordPress plugin that makes it simple to add popup forms to your WordPress site. The HubSpot plugin also includes live chat, analytics, email marketing, CRM, and other features, in addition to the capacity to create popups.

Pros of HubSpot:

  • It’s free and simple to set up, with no coding required.
  • Customize the appearance of your popup to match your website and brand.
  • Built-in analytics are available to help you assess the performance of your forms.
  • Choose from a variety of pre-built form templates.
  • Works with plugins like WPForms to connect legacy forms with the HubSpot CRM

Cons of HubSpot:

  • Follow-up emails – In the free tier of HubSpot, there are restrictions on form follow-up emails.

How Much Does HubSpot Cost?

The HubSpot WordPress plugin is free to download and install, although there are fees for some of the features. Popups, forms, CRM, live chat, email marketing, and analytics are free. The paid plans begin at $50 per month.


Icegram is one of the newest services on this list that allows you to create popups and email options to expand your email list. You can also use Icegram to develop engaging Call To Action (CTA) buttons that may be used to direct visitors to any website you choose (including affiliate links).

Pros of Icegram:

  • Icegram is a free plugin, but premium add-ons with more capabilities are available for purchase.
  • There’s no traffic limit; unlike other ones on this list, there isn’t one, so you may use it as much as you’d like, even if your site gets a lot of visits.

Cons of Icegram:

  • Poor User Experience – The user interface is difficult to use and ineffective. It lacks a drag-and-drop builder, so even setting up a basic website popup form may be difficult.
  • Basic targeting – There are only limited types of targeting, such as time-based targeting, so this solution does not provide you with many alternatives to increase conversions.
  • The templates are unattractive – It’s a free offering, so the templates aren’t appealing and might turn people off if they perceive your site to be unprofessional.

How Much Does Icegram Cost?

Icegram is free software with premium add-ons starting at $7 and going up to $27.

Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups is a well-known and easy-to-use popup plugin for WordPress websites. It has a lot of email marketing integrations, making it ideal for email use.

Pros of Ninja Popups:

  • Ninja popups is a highly active developer, as updates are released regularly to address bugs or new features.
  • Forms – Use a drag-and-drop designer to design them visually
  • Numerous Animation effects may be applied to optimize popups with ease.
  • Use their built-in A/B testing capabilities.
  • Popups display correctly on smartphones and tablets.

Cons of Ninja Popups:

  • Their targeting criteria are rather basic. They don’t have geo-targeting, UTMs, or other sophisticated targeting options like OptinMonster.
  • Ninja Popups only offers limited campaign alternatives, such as popups. They don’t provide floating bars or other campaign types to improve conversions.
  • Ninja Popups do not enable you to develop your custom HTML forms, so be sure they are compatible with your service provider.
  • There is no free version, and you must purchase it to utilize it.

How Much Does Ninja Popups Cost?

The cost of Ninja Popups ranges from $26 to $119.


Bloom is a WordPress popup builder plugin created by and offered to clients of Elegant Themes. It can save you money if you’re already using one of the Elegant Themes’ themes for your small business since it was built by and for them. You may use Bloom to design gorgeous popup forms right from your WordPress dashboard. To test Bloom’s capabilities, you may create a free account and use the plugin for 14 days.

Pros of Bloom:

  • Pick from 100s of pre-designed forms, so you don’t have to create one from the ground up.
  • The custom panel is accessible from the WordPress dashboard and offers more information, including conversion rates and other metrics.
  • Split testing – Compare the efficacy of one popup to another using Bloom and determine which is more effective.
  • Built-in Theme -Divi from Elegant Themes gives you the option of creating a collection with predefined layouts to save time.
  • Choose from 6 different display kinds, including opt-in popups, opt-in fly-ins, and more.
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Cons of Bloom:

  • Using Bloom email opt-in on WordPress sites might slow them down and impact performance and user experience.
  • There are no visual customizers. To view any changes you make to your form, click on the preview button.
  • While it has the most basic features, it does not include any of the more advanced tools offered by OptinMonster, such as an exit-intent trigger.
  • Bloom only provides limited targeting options.

How Much Does the Bloom Plugin Cost?

Bloom costs $89 per year or $249 for a lifetime membership. It includes access to the site builder Divi.

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is a popular drag-and-drop WordPress page builder with the ability to create popups. It’s an excellent choice if you want many design choices and a simple visual builder for your popups (and page creation).

Pros of Elementor Pro:

  • Elementor is a page builder plugin that allows you to create beautiful layouts without code knowledge.
  • It’s simple to set up. Popup templates are already built.
  • Popups may be customized in various ways, such as size, position, activity, and more.
  • Integrates with email marketing services

Cons of Elementor Pro:

  • There are no user experience tests. No A/B testing is available
  • Tracking is difficult, and no popup analytics are provided.

How Much Does Elementor Cost?

Elementor Pro pricing starts at $49/year.

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin that allows you to develop gorgeous popup and opt-in forms from your dashboard instantly. Thrive Leads is another list-building software produced by a theme business (Thrive Themes), and they specialize in creating conversion-focused WordPress themes and plugins.

Pros of Thrive Leads:

  • Pay once and get unlimited access to Thrive Leads for as long as possible. The one-time fee for Thrive Leads allows you to download the plugin and use it without having to pay again.
  • Get more insights into your list-building efforts and conversion rates with data reports, form analytics, and analysis.

Cons of Thrive Leads:

  • Thrive Leads is a big plugin that may negatively influence your website’s performance, so it’s not the ideal WordPress popup creator if speed is important to you.
  • Even for seasoned WordPress users, getting started with Thrive Leads can be challenging.

How Much Does Thrive Leads Cost?

Thrive Leads pricing ranges from $67 – $147.


Sumo, like OptinMonster, also adds social sharing and analytics features such as heat maps and a scroll box, in addition to being one of the greatest WordPress popup plugins. SumoMe is also a standalone product like OptinMonster.

Pros of Sumo:

  • It’s completely free — there is no cost to using the restricted capabilities, but the free edition exhibits blue notification bars across your site, which may turn away some visitors.
  • Create popups based on traffic source — Create customized popups for your visitors depending on how they arrived at your site (premium version)
  • Choose from a variety of pre-built templates designed to help you reach your particular popup goals (premium version)

Cons of Sumo:

  • Limited features — Because it’s a broad product with other focus areas, it lacks many specialized functions and targeting choices for popups.
  • You may pay more if you acquire a lot of traffic with Sumo’s pricing system.
  • The premium version offers the most sophisticated features, so if you only need a simple website popup plugin, Sumo may not be ideal for you.

How Much Does Sumo Cost?

Sumo pricing ranges from free to $39 per month (billed annually).

Popup Maker

Another well-known free WordPress popup plugin is Popup Maker. It includes a variety of opt-in popup kinds and campaigns, such as lightbox popups, slide-in popups, sticky popups, notification popups, and more. You’ll have the option to customize the look and position of your opt-in popup as well.

Pros of Popup Maker:

  • Use this plugin for free.
  • There are plenty of features in the free edition, which includes a few more tools than the pro version.
  • Create click-based triggers in your navigation menu, buttons, sidebars, images, and more.
  • Easily integrate your popups with popular contact form plugins like WPForms using the Form Builder integration.
  • Set up targeting parameters, such as segmenting audiences based on specific criteria. Set the popup anywhere you want by controlling where it appears using regular popups.

Cons of Popup Maker:

  • The exit-intent functionality is not free (or effective) and is available only if you upgrade to a paid plan, so that you could lose a lot of conversions without it.
  • Popup analytics are not available in the free version of Popup Maker.
  • Advanced targeting — You’ll need to purchase an add-on to access helpful features like advanced targeting criteria, and the cost may equal the cost of a premium plugin.
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How Much Does Popup Maker Cost?

Pricing varies from $0 to $16 per month (paid yearly).


Another SaaS software for creating popups on your website is OptiMonk. It works with WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and other platforms flawlessly.

OptiMonk’s opt-in forms let you send email subscribers, reduce cart abandonment, offer special offers, collect feedback, and more.

Optimizely has some outstanding characteristics, and it can be a really beneficial tool. This is an excellent alternative if you don’t have the time or resources to build your own conversion funnel.

Pros of OptiMonk:

  • Unlimited campaigns
  • OptiMonk has over 40,000 websites as a trusted partner.
  • Convert Early Stage Visitors into Leads
  • Messenger conversations have a better than average open rate and click-through rate of 28 percent.
  • Turn low-engagement visitors into newsletter subscribers that you may sell to later.
  • Improves Social Engagement
  • Customize your visitors’ shopping experience

Cons of OptiMonk:

  • Additional pricing choices are required.
  • Hard to build, and font support and right-to-left languages are poor.
  • There is no option to adjust the spinwheel probability.

How Much Does OptiMonk Cost?

Free or $29 / month for the Essential plan.

Popup Builder

Another free WordPress popup plugin is Popup Builder. It has over 100,000 active installations and a 4.8 out of 5-star average on WordPress.org.

The plugin assists you in designing and managing attractive promotion popups on your WordPress website. You may show offers, coupons, and other commercial material to improve conversion rates.

Pros of Popup Builder:

  • You can set up a popup that will appear after a certain time.
  • If you want your website not to show on mobile devices, turn it off.
  • Popup Builder includes an autoresponder that lets you send emails to your new subscribers.
  • This plugin is compatible with WPML, Visual Composer, and Divi.

Cons of Popup Builder:

  • Some features in Popup Builder are paid for separately. There can be a plugin that will affect the process of making a popup.
  • You might have to wait a little longer for the answer from customer support.

How Much Does Popup Builder Cost?

Free & Paid Plan starts from 39$/month


The WordPress GetSiteControl plugin is a powerful popup plugin. With widgets, they help you produce leads quickly.

You can also use the same platform to manage your popups across multiple websites. It also allows you to control the appearance, target audience, and connections of your popups.

Pros of GetSiteControl :

  • When compared to other Plugin plans, the cost is extremely low.
  • All seven widgets are managed through a simple dashboard.
  • It does not affect the site’s loading speed.
  • Widgets may be placed in any number of locations.
  • Live chat support
  • Track real-time results

Cons of GetSiteControl :

  • There need to be more options for pricing.
  • The Promo widget is not as great as it seems. It may be more attention-grabbing, but people are less likely to convert.
  • Support can be sluggish at times.

How Much Does GetSiteControl Cost?

Pricing starts at $7 a month. GetSiteControl also comes with a 7-day free trial that you do not need to commit or give your credit card number.

Layered Popups

Layered Popups is one of the fastest popup plugins to use. It lets you make your own custom and unique multi-layered animated popups. You can use it with 150 professional templates that are provided for us. It has features like on-load popups, on-scroll popups, inline forms, and even exit popups!

Pros of Layered Popups:

  • Responsive to all themes.
  • Works well on all devices.
  • Easily affordable.
  • Easily integrated with social media.
  • Works with more than 50 marketing systems.

Cons of Layered Popups:

  • Doesn’t have multiple purchase offers.
  • An additional cost is required for the 12-monthly plan.

How Much Does Layered Popups Cost?

$22 for six months


Convertplug is a multifunctional plugin that transforms your website into a lead-generating behemoth. It’s the one-stop solution for building email lists that are bigger, faster, and more accurate than any other plugin.

In minutes, you may create unique and individual popups that keep your visitors as permanent followers and subscribers. It has more than ten popup display locations, a hundred popup designs, and so on. It offers a variety of holiday specials and discounts.

Pros of ConvertPlus:

  • Capture more leads and increase revenue.
  • Works well on all devices.
  • Easily affordable.
  • Builds Email list.
  • Easily integrated with social media.
  • Acts as a content locker.

Cons of ConvertPlus:

  • Doesn’t have multiple purchase offers.

How Much Does Convertplug Cost?

$24 One-Time Payment


Installing a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to display popups to the appropriate people at the proper moment is critical. Ensure your plugin has robust page-level targeting tools and event-based triggers that allow customization. Your WordPress popup plugin should operate well with any other program you use, allowing you to design the kind of popup you desire for your website.

Are you presently using any other popup plugin on your site?

Please let us know in the comments below if you are utilizing any additional popups. Share this article with a friend or two who might find it useful.