Boost Your Business SEO with Claiming and Optimizing a Google My Business Profile

Claiming and optimizing your Google My Business profile can help boost your business SEO efforts. If you have a local business, claiming your GMB page is the quickest way to claim that territory online.

The benefits of getting on top of this are huge: you’ll be able to show up in search results for keywords relevant to what you offer, get in front of potential customers looking for information about what you do, and get found by people who are interested in similar businesses nearby.

Boost Your Business SEO with Claiming and Optimizing a Google My Business Profile
Boost Your Business SEO with Claiming and Optimizing a Google My Business Profile

And the best part? You don’t need an agency or any other third-party services – it’s all free!

Boost Your Business SEO with Claiming and Optimizing a Google My Business Profile

Increase credibility on the web

When people search for products, they want to know that the business is real and active. If a person comes across an incomplete listing online, then they will have doubts about it.

When someone searches for a local business without any photos or logos, they might think that it has shut down.

Claim your Business Profile on Google to make sure that you have the right name for your business. Then choose a short name and URL. Share your profile with people who visit it.

Your logo

A description of your business

Your contact information

Your opening hours (including seasonal variations)

A link to your website

A cover photo

Photos of the outside and inside of your business, as well as products

Filling out your profile will tell people about your business. They will know when you are open and how to find you. It also shows reviews from customers, which can help people decide if they want to visit your store or not.

If you fill out your profile completely, people will think that you are more credible. That also makes your shop look good to the people in your town or other towns.

Go Local, Get found on Local search.

The search may be global, but most people only search for things in their area. When people search online, they type in “near me” or “in Sydney.” Those are the words that show up when they look for something.

This means that you will have the best chance of being found if you fill out your listing and use those keywords.

A sandwich shop in Times Square that has filled out its profile could show up for people who search “sandwich shops” or “best sandwiches in Times Square” anywhere.

For example, the people who are looking for a restaurant might be from town, visiting or planning a visit.

When a business profile appears in Google, it will show up on the first page of search results. Small businesses need to have this because they might not otherwise be seen online.

When someone clicks on this, it may lead to sales. Research shows that complete listings are 29% more likely to make a purchase than those without a listing.

People searching for restaurants are on the hunt for something to eat, not an address or phone number. They want variety in cuisine and price range so they can see what is nearby that suits their needs.

The people who just moved into a new area will use Google Maps to search where everything is by typing “restaurants.” This way, they can find a place that is close to them.

More potential customers to buy

If you want people to buy from your profile, make it easy. Tell them what you have and how they can shop. Make sure that the buying process is simple. Here are some ways to do that:

-Tell them what you offer

-Make a shopping cart

-Put items in an online store

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Post Photos

You need to have photos of your goods and services to attract prospective customers. Research has shown that a business with pictures will receive 42% more requests for directions than businesses without pictures. A pub serving fish & chips can increase their profile attractiveness by uploading mouthwatering pictures of their food.

Share posts

Business owners can write on their Google Business Profile to show people what they have for sale. If people see something they want, they will buy it. It is better to write posts more often because then there are more reasons for people to come and buy. If you’re writing posts for a particular audience, this helps you catch their attention.

Answer questions

People can ask questions on your Google profile. These are good questions that you should answer. And, if there are other questions people have asked often, you can answer them in the Q&A section of your profile.

Use call-to-action button

If you want customers to do something, then you can make it easy for them. For example, if they are looking at your company on the internet, then they can also make a booking or message you directly. This will make it easier for customers and more likely that they will follow through with what they want to do.

Businesses that post stuff on their profile will get people to come. They can answer questions or put up pictures. People like to see this kind of thing, and so they click on the business’s page.

Engage past customers to return

Business owners can keep in touch with people who used to be customers by updating their profile frequently and giving them reasons to come back. For example, they could announce a sale or new seasonal offerings. They can also share general news about the business so that people will remember it when they need goods like clothes or food.

If customers have left reviews, you can build a relationship with them by responding. You can do this by using the Google My Business app on your phone or tablet. If the reviews are good, say thanks, and they will come back again.

If the review is bad, then reply thoughtfully and show other people that you care about customers.

When someone reviews your business profile, they can say what they like and don’t like. When you get a review, you should respond to it as soon as possible, so the person knows that you read it.

You can do this by enabling push notifications on your phone or computer so that it will tell you when someone leaves a review.

Make your Ads more effective.

A complete Business Profile on Google can make your digital marketing more effective. You can see who your potential customers are and how they interact with your listing. There is a tab called “Insights” where you can find out details about them from within the Google dashboard.

Business Profile on Google can help you with digital marketing. They provide free insights that you can use for Google Ads campaigns.

Setting up a Google Business Profile can be an excellent way for small businesses to increase their credibility while also helping them show up in search results, attract more customers, and create a better digital marketing strategy.

Remember that the profiles are most effective when they are complete- so make sure to add as much information as possible!

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Now let look at the simple tips to optimise your Google My Business listing:

– Make sure your business is listed in the right category and subcategory

– Add photos of what you offer (make sure to use horizontal images)

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– Include a detailed description that tells people why they should choose you

– Provide accurate operating hours, contact information, location details, website URL if applicable

And also, remember: You can claim your business on Google even if you don’t have a physical address

Recommended Tool: (Help you in crafting the best description, offers, event, product post for your GMB)

In conclusion, if you want to boost your Google My Business listing with a more detailed description and images, then claiming it is the way forward. Claiming and optimizing your GMB will increase the number of people who can find your business on mobile devices as well as online. Make sure, though, that what you claim matches how you present yourself through the rest of your website.

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