Do you ever wonder what to do with all the content that is generated at your events? It seems like so much of it goes to waste.

There are many clever ways to repurpose your event content for social media and other media, which will help get more eyes on your business!

Clever Ways to Repurpose Your Event Content
Clever Ways to Repurpose Your Event Content

In this article, we’ll discuss five different ideas for how you can reuse the information from a recent conference or seminar.

This way, you’re not just giving away free information-you’re getting people excited about what’s coming up next in store for them!

Before getting into the ways to repurpose your content, let’s look at the benefits of repurposing event content.

  • You’re saving time and money on producing content.
  • It’s a great way to get free marketing for your business or organization, as well as reach new audiences that may not have been aware of what you’re doing before.
  • Repurposing is an excellent opportunity to use those social media platforms you’ve signed up for but haven’t really used yet, but are too intimidated to try.
  • Repurposing can help you reach new audiences and share your message with them in a more personal way than just through the event brochure or website alone.

Now that you’ve learned all the benefits of repurposing your event content, here are some ways to do it.

Turn your event into a blog post

You can use your event content to create a blog post.

Find all the points of interest and exciting tidbits about what you’re doing, then write them up in an easy-to-read format with lots of visuals, like photos or videos.

Creating a blog post is also great for those days when nothing is happening, and you need to generate some content.

You can also repurpose an old blog post by updating the text with new information, like changing it to include highlights from your latest event.

-Turning a single video into a GIF or slideshow
-Creating a slide deck of your event highlights and sending it to the media or influencers.

Share it on social media

You might have hours and hours of content & video from your event, and you can share short snippets on social media to free up the content creation process.

You can leverage the content you already have by creating a highlight reel or curating some of your best photos.

-Turning one video into GIFs, slideshows, or even gif/video collages for social media
-Creating a “highlight reel” or “highlight curation” of your best photos, video clips, and quotes from the event
-Curate images to be posted on social media or in a blog post.
-You could use this content for social media ads also.

Create on-demand videos

You don’t have to forget about the hours of footage your creative agency filmed from last month’s event. You can use that footage when you want to create a course or even as start-up video series for your business.

This point could serve as another income stream or as a lead magnet for your business.

Turn it into an ebook/Podcast

If you have a lot of content from your event, you can be that into an ebook or podcast. This is also another great way to generate some passive income for the business and build your industry authority.

Create (or enhance) an email newsletter

If you have a lot of great content from the event, you could use them to create an email newsletter that goes out every month.

This is another way to give people more information about what’s happening with your company.

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This article discusses ways to change or repurpose event content to resonate with readers on social media and other venues. By thinking ahead, you can save time while your audience benefits from added value.