Just imagine, your inbox ringing with a message and saying your salary account number “xxxxxxxx945” has been credited with “Rs. Xxxxx” on August 01, 2019. While seeing this, the joy would be immense, and almost every employee feels to swim like a fish to sustain their needy things. However, the calling bell of “trouble” knocks down your account by the third week of the month. And, you started to count your penny left in your pocket. Jut for kidding, think it off; the above message will get reversed. Loll… (just imagine by yourself)

To knock this off, there are numerous ways to make good money to great money. Wondering how to make money with/without a real job? Here “real” is, in a sense- your classic 9 to 5 & Monday to Friday desk job. The simple way is to replace your day-to-day with more flexible side gigs with the help of passive income. Well, what is passive income?

What count as a passive income idea?

With little much effort and initial amount base, you can make extra money with little maintenance effort. That sounds appealing, right? For instance, if you start an online class or ebook sale, most of the efforts should be made at the beginning. Later, once your product or services reach the top off the shelves, the rest is basically automated, and you too sustain a healthy profit.

Thus, with a perfect business plan, the right path and skill set can help you to earn passive income. With this magic trick, plant seeds first and so your money will grow even when you sleep for an hour or walking in the street corner.

Secret Ways To Your Financial Success

Write & Sell an Ebook

The idea of writing up to 50 to 100-page ebook intimidates you, but don’t worry. It’s easier than you think. Yes, I promise you. Here’s how to get started?

Getting Started

  • Research the trendy topic
  • Write an outline
  • Try to read short enough to read which means short and crisp enough so that customers get their money’s worth
  • Research any areas you’re expert in
  • Revise, proofread and edit it as per your preference
  • Create a table of contents which makes buyers an idea of your content
  • Design an attractive cover with the catchy title too

Polish Those Writing Skills

Show off your excellence in your writing skills – this doesn’t mean you don’t need to reflect writers like Stephen King or J.K. Rowling. All you need to do is, communicate clearly, and pinpoint a niche subject matter and make you stand unique. For this, make use of websites like Hemingway App and Grammarly help you to pick strong action words so that you can able to keep the readers engaged. Here are the lists of ebooks that are written by the finest tune of writers. Take it as a reference. After finishing all those particularities, you have to market it properly.

Where to Sell Your Ebook?

You can easily sell your ebooks on many platforms, but my choice of preference is Amazon & Lulu. Once your book is known by everyone, both of these platforms will give you a lot of passive income stream.

Design & Sell an Online Course

In recent years, online courses have received too much of appreciation and exploded in a good manner. In that sense, why can’t you prefer this? Whether you’re good in teaching a skill or being a Mom-preneur or promoting lifestyle tips, online course is a great way. Yes, a visually appealing thing might get good preference and people like it most since because learning visually makes good sense. Not only this, they like to pause and rewind as needed. What do you want to do?

  • Find a Platform – For this, you need to find out the best platforms. Some of the best online course distributors like Skillshare, YouTube, and Udemy have built-in audience support, which makes your selling so much easier for you.
  • Design Attractive Visuals – You need to design your course’s thumbnail and graphics to be sleek and attractive because visually appealing products always sell better.
  • Market Your Course – Here we have some of the marketing tips to get plenty of views on online course video. Get through it now.
  • Share a behind-the-scenes photo on Instagram or Twitter to get a buzz going.
  • Create short video clips about your online class that can blast your social media followers.
  • Give special offers or discount to your followers who sign up using a referral link.
  • Cross-promote your online class with your blog, social media, ebook, newsletter, and more.
  • Give your course free for your family and friends and use their testimonials to promote the course.
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Start a Blog

Do you think blogging still be a profitable way to earn income? Of course, yes! Let’s show you a small instance. Blogger and founder of “What Mommy Does Lena Gott” has earned up to 10K per month in just ten months of blogging. As a homemaker, she only works for 20 to 25 hours a week, which makes quite a feat. Also, she reported that Lena mainly earned from ads, ebooks, affiliate links, and sponsored post commissions on her blog. From her case study, here are some tips and tactics which will make you fly in the sky.

  • Select one of the highest-converting articles of yours and focus your efforts on directing more page views and likes. So, set the goal to get more page views to the pages that matter. Try to promote it in a different way.
  • Next, before spending on paid ads, validate your ideas on a small scale. In that sense, Lena quoted that, it’s much more to test your ideas with a small data set and then ramp up with large-scale.

The above two tactics are needed to be followed after writing your article. Here is the one you need to think about before writing it. Yes, before writing a post, try to catch up with the reader’s point of view and find out what problems of theirs you can help solve. So, before sitting down to write blog posts, ask yourself the list of questions mentioned below.

  • What were they doing yesterday that caused them to look for my blog today?
  • What were they doing yesterday that makes them think about what I have to offer is a good investment?
  • What do they need to accomplish before they are ready to use my product?
  • What were they doing yesterday when they decided not to take action and buy my product?

Analyze those questions, find out the answers, and earn a living through blogging. By those lists, hatch on an idea and take your blog to the next level.

Put These Income Ideas To Work

Hope, these above-mentioned passive income ideas were enough to motivate you to fill up your pocket. Whichever choice of income ideas do you choose, add some favor and get started to boost your family and personal income.