Marketing is about being creative and working hard. You have to do your best and know what you are doing. That said, there are always ways to improve your strategies. You can’t just rely on what you’ve done in the past and hope it works again.

Conversion Intelligence: What Can It Do for You?
Conversion Intelligence: What Can It Do for You?

And that’s where Conversion Intelligence comes into play! This tool effectively allows marketers to get more conversions without spending too much time or money. It allows you to understand why customers don’t convert, which in turn will help you increase conversions.

The tool does this by collecting data on customers’ behavior and then showing it to marketers through reports that they can use to improve their strategies.

Let’s say your company offers different kinds of products or services for sale online. You are sure the content of each product page is perfect, but people are not buying.

Conversion Intelligence will show you what customers viewed before they left the page without converting or clicking on other products while shopping. You’ll also be able to see how many times each product was viewed and what browser your visitors use most frequently. This is just an example of one small piece of information that could help you improve your strategy and increase conversions.

Conversion Intelligence has a lot of other great features, like:

-The ability to view customer behavior in real-time;

-Customizable reports that you can download for free;

-A big database with information about your customers’ likes and dislikes. This helps marketers gain valuable insights about their target audience and allows them to personalize the shopping experience for each visitor.

With Conversion Intelligence, you can improve your marketing strategies, maximize traffic and conversions on all devices, generate personalized content that resonates with customers’ needs and interests, communicate effectively using precise analytics reports in real-time, and much more!

Unbounce, as the world’s largest landing page software vendor, is pioneering a new approach to digital marketing success with the Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ Platform. This platform, which extends what the firm provides beyond landing pages, may help small and midsize companies (SMBs) optimize their marketing using AI insights that were previously available only to enterprise-level companies.

A recent case study of an unnamed global brand with 120 million unique visitors per month found that Unbounce Conversion Intelligence increased conversions by 11% for search, display, and social marketing campaigns. The 2015 study also revealed that the firm’s “Conversion Score” metric showed improvement ranging from 30% to more than 400%.

So, what exactly is conversion intelligence? Conversion intelligence is a method of combining marketing insight with machine learning to spot and take action on conversion possibilities that you would otherwise miss.

The new platform from Unbounce features three smart solutions (Smart Builder, Smart Traffic, and Smart Copy)

Unbounce’s newest platform offers the quickest way to increase conversion rates.

Smart Builder: An AI-powered landing page builder that enables marketers to develop on-brand pages suited to convert based on their industry and campaign objectives.

Smart Traffic: Smart Traffic is a self-optimization tool for small and medium-sized businesses that allows visitors to easily discover their best landing sites to improve conversions by an average of 30%. Smart Traffic finds conversion patterns in as little as 50 visits. It eliminates the need for a single champion page, saving marketers time, money, and effort while also eliminating the necessity for expensive A/B testing.

Smart Copy: Smart Copy is a revolutionary AI copywriting software that generates human-like content in seconds—and in six distinct languages—for advertising, emails, landing pages, blog posts, TikTok videos, pitches, and 40 more text creation requirements.

In minutes, construct your most successful campaign with Unbounce’s Conversion Intelligence Platform.

In seconds, create stunning content that automatically gets you more sales and sign-ups.

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Basically, think of conversion intelligence as the marketing team you’ve always wanted. You have all of the tools you need to improve your business on your own, thanks to Unbounce.

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Conversion Intelligence is a new platform from Unbounce that combines marketing insight with machine learning to spot and take action on conversion possibilities. It’s the quickest way to increase conversions, but it also offers more than just landing page tools.

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