Do you want to increase your conversion rates?

Landing pages are a great way of doing just that. They allow for you to focus the customer’s attention on exactly what they came there for in the first place, purchasing your product or service!

Create a High Converting Landing Page: Tips, Hacks, and Tools
Tips, Hacks, and Tools to Create a High Converting Landing Page

In this article, I will be covering all of the tips, hacks, and tools recommended for creating high converting landing page.

But before we get started, let’s cover the basics.

What is a landing page?

A landing page can be described as any web page with a specific goal or purpose – in this case, it’s to capture more leads for your company.

It typically contains one central call-to-action that drives people towards an end goal such as getting them to sign up for something, download an e-book, purchase something from you, and so on!

Why are they important?

Landing pages have been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 50%.

This means if you invest time into creating high-quality landing pages optimized around what your customers want (via research) then your business will see exponential growth over time.

Creating a high converting landing page is important for any paid ad campaign. If your landing pages do not convert customers, you could lose money on these campaigns.

Let’s look at the tips & hacks

Lead Off with a Great Headline

Headlines can make or break your landing page. If you have an uninspiring headline, it could be doing more harm than good.

The first thing I do is create a compelling headline that will entice people to click and stay on the page.

Use Visuals to Increase Interest and Time on Page

I use visuals (images or videos) in order to get them interested in my landing page. Visuals are important because they increase customer interest and time spent on your website pages, which increases conversion rates.

Create Dedicated Landing Pages

Landing pages should be created for specific campaigns and product launches.

For example, if I am launching a new skincare product line, then my landing page would focus on this one topic only.

Our page should be focused on one call-to-action alone without any distraction or links to other content.

Include trust elements

By including trust elements, which can be a seal of approval from an authoritative source or recommendations for other people in the industry, we could gain establish the authority and proof to our page visitors.

Using trust elements & social proof will in converting more visitors into paying customers on your site.

Keep it simple and relevant

One of the most important aspects to remember when creating a landing page is that it has to be really, really simple.

If you can’t say what your product or service does in one sentence and fill up an entire page with content about how great it is then you’re doing something wrong.

Some of the most appealing landing pages are surprisingly simple.

A really good example is when Steve Jobs launched Apple’s iPod in 2001, with a single sentence on it “one thousand songs in your pocket.” At that time, many people were using portable CD players which could hold up to 100 songs on a CD.

The simpler we keep, the easier it is to convert your audience.

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Localise Your Landing Page

Another important aspect to remember when creating a landing page is to make it localized.

A lot of people are starting businesses that attract audiences from multiple countries, and in order for your product or service to be accessed by everyone, you must translate your content into their language whenever possible.

By localizing, you can better reach specific audiences and address them in their language. You can also use images and other content that is relevant to them or customize your forms for a variety of audiences.

Handling Consider The Objections

Think about how you can overcome any objections or reservations that people might have before trying to close the sale.

An easy way to handle objections is through the FAQ page.

FAQ can answer any question or doubt and that will make sure people get what they are looking for by reading FAQ pages.

By handling objections you are making sure you don’t lose your customers and increase your conversion rate.

Highlight The Benefits Not the Features

People want to know what they are going to get from your product and not how it works. Your primary focus should be on the benefits of using your product instead of just focusing on features that make up your product.

Features: An example would be if you were selling a calculator, for instance, you might list out all of the types of calculations and problems it can solve and how fast it can find the solution and save the consumers time.

Have a Clear Call to Action

You should make your call to action clear and concise for the customer. If you want them to buy, purchase or sign up then say so loudly and clearly with a button that leads directly to what they need.

If you are asking them for their opinion on how awesome your product is then don’t put an “order now” button in front. Keep your call to action button relevant to the objective of the landing page.

Keeping your messages consistent

It will be helpful as it helps maintain simplicity and seriousness in your landing page copy.

The message you are sending needs to be on point with what it is the customer wants so make sure that your content and headline do not contradict each other.

It’s important to have a tight landing page for your content and make it as easy as possible for the visitor. They need to be able to get an overview of what you’re selling in 3-5 minutes.

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Landing Page Creation Tools


ClickFunnels is a website and sales funnel builder for entrepreneurs that are just getting started in the field of online marketing. Those who don’t know how to code can easily create landing page templates inside the platform with easy-to-use tools.

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Instapage is a landing page platform that makes it easy for businesses to generate high converting leads and monetize their site.

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Use Unbounce to create landing pages with no coding required, and get the highest-converting campaigns through our Conversion Intelligence™ features.

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Elementor Pro

If you already have a WordPress website, you could try Elementor Page Builder, it comes with dozens of free & Pro templates for WordPress. But it is highly recommended to use any one of the tools mentioned above.

Landing pages, homepages & other templates are available for free download in Elementor Pro.

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