Some people would use google search hacks and get the result in a fraction of a second.

This article will help you become a pro at using Google Search.

If you don’t know something, you first look for the answer on Google.

Millions of people use Google Search for various reasons. 

After reading this article, you will learn the hacks and tricks to use Google more efficiently, like a Pro.

Here are the tips for using google like a pro.

P.s.: Some tips may be simple, but not many know about these tips.

Search Tabs

On top of every search result, there will be many tabs based on the search result. Generally, it will start with the Web, Images, Videos, News, and so on. 

These tabs will help you reach the answer you are looking for soon. 

If you are looking for something related to News, select News, and see the result.

Double Quotes

If you want something specific and know the exact words to search, you could use double quotes and Google them.

If you search for Google Search Hacks, it will show different results with all search term combinations. 

But searching “Google Search Hacks” will give you search results with exact matches.

Using Colon (site: )

If you are looking for content within a website, then the easiest way is to use “site:”

Simple Example: 


It will provide the search result matching the keyword inside the website mentioned alone. 

Hyphen to exclude terms

You might be searching for something specific, it may be related to something popular, and you might be getting the other popular in your search result.

It can be annoying, and you could use a hyphen to ignore those keywords.

Example: Jaguar -cars

If you search for Jaguar, it will show you all the car details by default. When you use hyphens and car search terms, you can see all the search results excluding cars.

Double Hyphen

In the same way, you could use hyphenate two terms and ignore both words from the search result. This will help you narrow your search even better to find the right answer for your search.

Example: Cake recipe -milk -egg

Using Tilde ~

When you use a Tilde symbol, the keyword will get the term’s synonyms as a search result.

Example 1: ~large

Example 2: milkshake ~ingredients

You could use define:keyword to get the definition of the term using Google search.

You might have found a website useful. What if you could find more similar websites like that, you could add ‘related:’ before the website and Google it.


The search result will provide a list of websites similar to


You don’t remember the exact words but remember parts of what you need, and then you could use an asterisk between the search term and find the answer.

Example: “show me the * lonely”

You could add a double quote to get the exact search result along with the wildcard. It is useful for quotes and song lyrics searches.

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Search by number range

If you want to know the world cup winners between 1975 to 2010, and then you could use this range option. This is an example you could use for any variation on range search. Using two periods between the number values, Google will fetch all the search results matching the range’s numbers.

Example: What teams have won the cricket World Cup 1980..2004

Online Calculator

If you search for any math equation or formula, Google will give you the answer directly.

Example: 2+2

Google will show answer four, along with other search results. You can also use every possible math equation in a calculator.

Advance Mathematics

Apart from regular maths and calculation, you can also solve the following problems too

solve rhombus: Rhombus dimensions based on other input

solve triangle: Triangle dimensions based on other input

solve rectangle: Rectangle dimensions based on other input

solve circle: Circle dimensions based on other input

solve pentagon: Pentagon dimensions based on other input

solve hexagon: Hexagon dimensions based on other input

When you type the first keyword, it will ask you to enter the value. Based on the input value, it will solve and give you the dimension’s value. Apart from this, many other formulas and equations are solved by Google Search.

Find a specific file format.

Google index even files hosted on the website. It includes PDF, PPT, and documents too. 

Example: Search Term filetype:pdf

The above example will provide you with the result of pdf files matching the search term. You can try any other file extension format also in search.

Searching Multiple Terms at Once

You have multiple keywords but are not sure which one would give you the right result, so you could use OR & | symbol between the terms and find the output.

Example: cricket OR football OR baseball

Example: cricket | football | baseball

The above example will provide you with search results matching any one of the words. You could also use double quotes for the exact match and the operator. 

Note: You could use the AND operator to get both matches similar to the OR operator.

Every Search Matters

Google tracks your search so that the result will vary based on your previous search. So when you optimize your keywords every time you search, it will help Google give you better results.

  • First try: job interviews
  • Second try: prepare for job interviews
  • Third try: how to prepare for a job interview

At the end of the third search, you will view a targeted result that solves your problem.

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Sunrise & Sunset

Did you know you could find the sunrise and sunset time of your location or any location? Yes you 

sunrise: Upcoming sunrise time in your location

sunset: Upcoming sunset time in your location

sunrise in San Francisco: Upcoming sunrise time in a specific city

sunset in Singapore: Upcoming sunset time in a particular city

Find the result with all text in the body 

With allintext: syntax, you could search for terms matching the site with body text, excluding links, URLs, and titles.

Example: allintext:WhatsApp vs telegram vs signal

Use intitle for searching exact content match with titles alone.

Find results with single text in the body & rest in others

Similar to the previous one, but this finds web pages where your search terms are in different locations. The first keywords will be matched with body content, and the remaining will be matched with the title, URL, and description.

Example: intext:bacon sandwich

Search in URL

You can use ‘allinurl:’ option to search for the term in the URL alone.

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Example: allinurl:inbound marketing 2021

Yes, you could also use google to search for specific terms in social media.

Example: marketing @twitter

Similar to Twitter, you could even try Facebook and other social media websites. The hashtag also works in the search term, i.e., #marketing.

Visit Google Cached Version

Marketing people would love this option, and it will also come in handy when the site is down, and you still want to see the website’s content. Google cache all the websites on its server, and with the below syntax, you can see the cached version of the website.

Example: cache:

Note: Not all sites will be available on Google cache.

Know the Upcoming Holiday Date

Most of us would be busy with work and forget some special holiday details. With a Google search, you could know the exact date on which the holiday is falling and plan accordingly.

Example: good friday

You could see the next good Friday date along with other search results. It will only show future date details.

Get Association Details of Celebrities

If you want to know all the songs sung by a singer or all the movies acted by an actor, you could do a simple search and get the result on google.

Example: songs by taylor swift 
Example: robert downey jr movie
Example: games of thrones episodes

Get Nutrition Information

If you are health conscious and might be worried about the nutrition detail of the food you consume, you could get the facts by a Google search.

Example: pasta nutrition

Stock Information

Get the latest stock information of the company and related news with a single google search.

Example: mmyt

Enter the stock price name, and you can see the historic data up to 5 years till now.

Translate to Any Language

If you see something interesting written in a language unknown to you, and you want to understand more, use Google search to understand the meaning in any language.

Example: translate wonderful to spanish

Or you could use Google Translate to easily translate from & to any language.

Currency & Unit Conversion

Yes, you could convert the currency and unit conversion value using Google.

Example: 10 USD to SGD

Example: 20 miles to KM

Tips Calculator

Hanging out with friends and want to figure out the tip share?

Google has a handy tip calculator, Search for ‘Tip calculator,’ and you will get a box to help to split across your friends.


You can use Google as a stopwatch to track the time, and this will come in handy to track your speed for any activity.


Similar to a stopwatch, you could use a timer to track the time; this will be more effective for people who use the Pomodoro technique for work.

Example: 10 mins timer

Weather Data

You are planning to go out and want to know what to wear based on weather conditions, which will be very useful for you. Search ‘weather’ to get your location’s weather details. If you add ‘weather location’, you could also get the details of a specific location.

Funny tricks

Few other tricks which you could use on Google search.


If you like or use any of these tips, do express how you benefited in the comment section, it will help others understand and use tricks more.

These are a curation of tips & tricks which can help you become a pro in Google search. If you know any other tricks missing from the list, leave a comment, and we will update them in the article.