To help you increase sales in 2022 and grow your business on Amazon, check out the following steps that you can use to get your Amazon business booming.

How to grow business on Amazon
How to grow business on Amazon

Pick a Niche 

Riches are in the niches, and it is applicable for Amazon business too.

When you pick a niche, you could define your ideal customer persona and create/source products related to their pain points.

When you don’t go niche-specific, you might be unable to identify winning products.

Uncover Niche Product Ideas

Do thorough research on products in the niche.

1) Best Selling Product
2) Frequently Brought Together Details
3) Existing Player in Niche
4) Where to source the product

Know Your True Amazon Profits

If you are already running a business on Amazon, you know the fees and FBA charges they take from the sales. 

As a business owner, you need to know what Amazon charges, how much you spend, and your final profit for each product and sale. 

Amazon charges differently based on category, product weight with packing, and shipping details.

If you are new, use Amazon Seller Fee Calculator and find how much Amazon will charge.

Product Packing & Handling 

Many businesses on Amazon fail due to bad packaging, which also affects the product quality during delivery. 

If you are receiving many returns due to damaged goods, it is evident because of bad packaging.

Besides that, good packaging helps you connect with the customer, and they will remember your brand better.

Create Multiple Variant Product

For the existing players, this point is a very useful one. 

You are already selling the products on Amazon, and if you could create more variants with different weights or colors of the same products, it would boost your overall sales and increase your profit.

Register Your Brand

Want to play the long games, register your brand and trademark your product name. So your customer remembers your product and brand. Once they fall in love with your product, they promote it around their network and social media. 

Even if you are selling an excellent product, if you haven’t registered as the brand, you might lose sales to other brands, who could copy the product, and since they have a brand, they get more sales.

Never Run Out of Inventory

Many sellers make the mistake of not planning their inventory. There is huge competition in the marketplace, so when you sell goods and provide better value for your customers, you will be given better preference by the Amazon algorithm. 

Suddenly you run out of inventory, your listing preference will lose its ranking, and it will take more time to get back to the same position.

Remember never to run out of inventory so that your listing never goes down in listing again.

Identify Powerful Keyword Trends

Find all relevant keywords for your product, and optimize your product title, description, and images for the products.

You could do this with manual research, or you could use the Keyword scout tool and find your powerful keywords and see how the trends are based on the season.

Tap Into the International Market

If your product has potential in the international market, then apply and make use of it. This could boost both your local and international sales.

Not many sellers are making use of it, but you could leverage FBA and sell globally. You have the added advantage of increasing your sales.

Optimize Your Product Listing

Check what the best sellers have done in their listings and how you could improve your listing to increase sales. 

Keep optimizing your product listing to appear for relevant keywords.

Do Frequent Account Health Checkups

Check your account health frequently and see if there are any issues, 

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Expand Your Paid Advertising Possibilities

Many marketers and business owners don’t leverage paid ads for their websites and products. But when you optimize your product listing and spend a decent amount for promotion, it also improves your product ranking.

Try spending some amount on paid ads for your product and monitor the results. You will be charged only for the clicks, but the impressions are not charged, making more people see your product.

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Offer Amazon Prime to Your Consumers

If you enrolled in FBA, provide a Prime offer or Prime Now.

When enrolled in Prime offer or Prime Now, your product will be given more priority on the listing preference and shown more to the audience. 

Since Amazon takes care of the logistics and delivery fully, so make sure you keep your inventory to meet the order fulfillment.

Never Let a Single Negative Review Slip Past You

You might be thinking, what would one negative review do to my product or store? Address every review, both negative & positive, find out the root cause, and provide a better solution for the customer.

Keep Learning Something New

Learn from other sellers, see what they are doing, how other sellers are making better sales, reverse engineer the products, and understand how to improve your sales.

Invest in learning more about logistics, operations, and marketing related to your business.

Clean up your Inventory and Office Space

Apart from the Amazon side, keep warehouse & office space clean and organized.