Instagram has announced a new set of analytics tools that will give marketers more insights into their performance.

Instagram Adds New Data Analytics to Improve Marketing Strategies
Instagram Adds New Data Analytics to Improve Marketing Strategies

These new features allow marketers to measure the reach and engagement for individual posts, as well as cross-posting strategies. With this information, they can make better decisions about which content is most effective at driving results on Instagram.

The new data will help you make better decisions about what to post. You can make your course of action more specific by looking at the data.

The new metrics that Instagram has added to their insights are:

  • Accounts engaged – This is a number that tells you how many people interacted with your content in a given time period.
  • Engaged audience – This data will show you who is engaging with your content. It will tell you how old the people are and where they live.
  • Reached Audience – This will provide demographic information on the people you’ve reached with your postings, such as top cities, top countries, top age ranges, and genders, in much the same way that Engaged Audience does.

Also, worth noting that Instagram’s Accounts Reached data was updated in May, adding more information about the sorts of accounts you’re appealing to (followers vs. non-followers) as well as the content types that are driving the greatest performance for your account.

These new demographic data will now be incorporated into the data, giving a more complete picture of who you’re reaching with your various IG posts and how they’re interacting.

The additional data points might be a game-changer, with the ability to record detailed performance notes and optimize your content strategy based on what’s working, among other things. The location data, in particular, may allow you to better schedule your postings depending on when these people are likely to be online (by region).

In addition to this, Instagram is attempting to increase transparency in brand/creator collaborations by introducing a new data-sharing procedure that will allow content creators to see the business’s insights data.

Until now, tagged business partners have been able to see influencer/creator posts’ reach and interaction data, but that same information hasn’t gone in the other direction in these specific applications. Creators will also be able to monitor their performance and use it in their own pitch process to help grow their business.

These are some useful IG marketing updates, just in time for the holidays, and they’ll undoubtedly be worth checking out the new findings to see how you’re performing, and how you can improve your strategy.