Email marketing is a booming industry, and the number of emails we send and receive continues to grow. But did you know that email has a higher unsubscribe rate than any other form of marketing? The problem with email is that it’s too easy for people to hit “unsubscribe” instead of reading your message.

That means potential customers or clients will never see your hard work. So how can you make sure they read what you have to say? It starts with making sure your subject line sounds like something they want to read.

Your email needs to sound like a juicy headline.

Take Your Emails Up a Notch to Get More Clicks and Conversions
Take Your Emails Up a Notch to Get More Clicks and Conversions

When you want to engage with the people on your list, it’s all about getting them excited and building trust. You can do that by adding visual elements into your emails which will help grab their attention from the first sentence.

Include images of yourself or pictures of what you are offering.

People love visuals, and including them in your emails will give you the boost that you need to make sure they read what’s inside. Another way to get people excited about opening up your email starts with grabbing their attention before it even hits their inbox.

How? With subject lines like these:

“You Won’t Believe What We Did This Weekend!”

“This Could be the End of Your Struggle with Weight Loss”

“We Just Doubled Your Order Limit – Act Fast!”

If you can get people to open your email, then you have a better chance of getting them to click and read your copy.

Once they’re in the email itself, you need to create a strong call to action that will entice them into taking action right away.

Remember the days when people purchased something just because of what it said on TV? It doesn’t work like that anymore – not unless you want to be one of those commercials that people fast-forward through. You need to give them a good reason to take action, and the best way to do that is by offering something for free.

Something like a report or an e-book can help get people on your list interested in what you have to say. And if they like it, then they might be inclined to purchase something else.

Don’t just tell them what you need them to do and expect them to follow through on their own.

Instead of saying “Click Here!” say “Get My Free Report Now!” or “Check Out Our New Product Line.”

If you can get people to take action, then you’re on your way to better email marketing.


It’s easier than you think to get more clicks and conversions from your email campaigns. From making sure the subject line sounds like something they want to read, adding visual elements into emails that will help grab their attention, and creating a strong call-to-action that entices them into taking action right away – there are many ways for you to improve your email marketing strategy, so people take the actions you need them too.