Jasper.ai: The Artificial Intelligence You Didn’t Know You Needed

In a nutshell: Jasper can’t replace a content writer. It can’t replace your content writers. Not, it can’t! You are seriously misinformed if you think otherwise.

Instead, you’ll be able to produce two to five blog entries instead of one. You’ll be able to help your content writer with Jasper and significantly enhance his/her productivity!

For me, It has drastically improved my content creation game, from 1 or 2 articles per week to 5-10 articles per week, depending on the depth of the content title.

The Artificial Intelligence You Didn't Know You Needed
The Artificial Intelligence You Didn’t Know You Needed

Jasper is definitely the finest in terms of the quality of the output when compared to other AI writing tools on the market. Especially if you’re writing content that sells, such as blog posts or social posts or sales copy or ads copy, Jasper is hard to beat.

What is Jasper AI? (formerly Jarvis AI / Conversion Ai)

Jasper AI is a copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to assist you in producing blog posts, social media postings, high-converting ad copy, emails, landing pages, and sales funnel copy, product descriptions, website content, attractive headlines, scripts, stories. This is an excellent tool for anybody who needs assistance writing material or text that sells, or anybody who needs somebody to write blog posts that will rank highly in search engines.

Jasper AI promises (and delivers) a very high-quality output and it is the smartest tool of its kind on the market right now. It does take some time getting used to all its features but once you do get familiar with how Jasper works, you’ll be able to write high-converting content with ease.

It also offers to try free for 5 days with 10,000 words credits.

What are the best things about Jasper AI?

It has never been easier to create blog posts that rank well in search engines and convert visitors into buyers or subscribers. The time it saves me is invaluable! I can now spend more time on other aspects of my business that are equally important.

The quality of the writing is more than satisfactory! I have written some excellent blog posts with Jasper AI, and my readers are always amazed at how much content I can produce in such a short amount of time.

Jasper has helped me save money by helping me write high-converting copy that will increase my sales and email signups.

I like how it has a built-in spell checker and grammar checking function to help you create perfect content every time! The Jasper team is constantly adding new features that make this tool much easier to use. I cannot recommend them enough if you need assistance with writing sales copy or blog posts.

Jasper AI Review Overview

Jasper .ai is the best AI tool for writing. It has over 50+ templates and it is perfect for any blogger, or business owner that needs help with writing copy that is good for SEO.

The AI-generated content by Jasper is original and does not have any plagiarism. This will allow you to make high-quality content that is also SEO optimized quickly.

The Boss Mode plan unlocks the ability to write unlimited words with AI. It also unlocks the long-form assistant which takes care of everything from blog posts, marketing emails, or even entire books.

With Boss Mode, you will be able to write material 2x quicker than the Starter plan in order to take Jarvjaris to the next level.

Jasper AI Pros

  • Best AI Copywriting Tool
  • Improve your writing skills by practicing with this program.
  • In days, you’ll be able to produce more material than in a month.
  • Just one click gets you a wide range of marketing material for emails, advertising, and website content.
  • 50+ Content Templates
  • Community Access to Facebook’s Large Network of Content & Copy Writers (25k+ Active Members)
  • Flexible Pricing for Any Budget
  • 99.99% Original Content Produced
  • Long-Form Assistant for Blogging
  • Academy for Helpful Training
  • Supports 26 different languages.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • All plans come with a 5-day free trial, plus 10,000 bonus credits to all accounts. You will not be charged during the trial period.
  • Most people should be able to afford it. The entry-level plan costs $29 per month for 20,000 word generation.
  • 7-days money-back guarantee

Jasper AI Cons

  • Long-form Assistant Can Repeat Info
  • GPT-3 Technology is used. It understands 10% of the Internet.
  • There is a steep learning curve to understanding how Jasper works.
  • It can occasionally generate useless content that you may fix with a little human edit.
  • When it comes to facts and figures, Jasper just makes up content. But the problem is with the underlying technology, GPT-3, which can make things difficult when it comes to details.
  • Jasper does not know a lot about some topics, but it is good at other things like travel and diets. It needs more experience with new technology such as blockchain.
  • It can be expensive for novices. The Starter plan is available, but it has a word limit of 20,000 and you don’t get access to long-form assistant or Boss Mode.

Who is Behind Jasper .Ai?

Do you want to learn more about the Jasper AI copywriting software team? I’d like to share a little tale with you. 

The team behind Jasper AI:

  • Dave Rogenmoser – CEO
  • John Philip Morgan – CTO
  • Chrish Hull – COO
  • Austin Distel – CMO
  • Megan Johnsons – Client Success
  • James Morgan – The Script Master
Team Behind Jasper.ai
Team Behind Jasper

A group of five friends living in Austin, Texas, on a mission to assist content writers in breaking through writer’s block with the aid of AI-powered copywriting technology. Dave Rogenmoser and other team members Austin Distel, John Philip Morgan, Chris Hull, Megan Johnson, and James Morgan lead the organization.

Have you ever seen this photograph?

Dave CEO of Jasper.ai
Dave CEO of Jasper.ai

That’s Dave.

When you search for “entrepreneur” on Unsplash.com, you might come across photos of Austin Distel, the CMO of Jasper.ai & their team.

Austin CEO of Jasper.ai
Austin CEO of Jasper.ai

That’s Austin.

Jasper.ai is made by the parent company UseProof.

What is UseProof, and how does it work? It’s a social proof plugin that displays live social proof updates on website or product landing pages to help websites improve conversions, leads, and sales. 

The Proof team, which is made up of Y Combinator alums, has grown to more than 25,000 companies by assisting them in achieving monthly conversion increases with its social proof technology. Meet the crew at their headquarters in Austin, TX if you’re ever there.

For almost a decade, they’ve been assisting firms, marketers, and agencies through their other businesses from well-known online classes to get business owners up the rung fast or even some of their other SaaS products like Payfunnel’s and Proof.

The Jasper AI team launched this program in January 2021, after they had 25,000+ paying clients.

Jasper AI copywriting software was vastly more successful than Proof and PayFunnels when he first started up, according to Mr. Rogenmoser.

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Jasper.ai is outperforming other GTP-3 software in the market because its content is created by human copywriters, which makes it comparable to other tools.

How does Jasper AI work?

Jasper AI copywriting employs the most up-to-date and cutting-edge GPT-3 technology (an autoregressive language model) to create text that is comparable to human writing.

It might appear to be something technical and perplexing.

Don’t be concerned, it’s really simple to use. Anyone may produce high-converting content in a matter of seconds, or you could outsource the task to a VA (Virtual Assistant) while you relax!

In only four easy steps, you’ll be on your way to writing content using AI and joining Jasper Nation.

Register Free Trial

Select Your Plan & get a Free trial account, log in, and Start Writing!

Choose a Jasper Template

If you need to produce anything, Jasper is probably going to have it covered.

Jasper AI is created by world-class copywriters and conversion specialists who have a set of established guidelines to follow, as well as mimics models that have been demonstrated to work.

Jasper presently offers over 50 pre-made content templates to pick from, including Facebook advertising, Instagram captions, customized cold emails, Quora responses, and full blog posts utilizing the long-form assistant or Boss Mode (which are professional plans).

Choose the Jasper theme that matches the content you want to produce, and you’re ready to go!

Input Your Data Based on Template

After you’ve picked the Jasper AI template you want, the next step is to fill in the product or company information in the template.

To make the AI smart and function well, you must provide it with good data. This is where you, as a user, truly have control. The quality of your input will impact the AI’s (Jasper) output. You may be as precise as desired in this stage to influence the outcome.

Pro Tip: Using a Different ‘tone of voice’ will help you get the best outcome, many are mindblown from the output given based on voice. You can set any mindset or mood or personality to write the content, something like Angry tone or Pursuvasive tone or Joe Rogan or Tony Start or even Donald Trump.

Now that you’ve completed the template data, it’s time to move on to the next step and see what happens! Check out how cool this is:

Generate AI Content

Once you’ve chosen your Jasper template and specified the information you want it to cover, it’s time to create AI content!

Simply hit the “Generate AI Content” button. After a few seconds, Jasper will have completed her task and presented you with your AI-generated content.

The best part about this Jasper is, you can generate up to 10 variations in a single click.

Every piece of AI content generated is immediately saved in your “History” section, so you’ll never have to worry about losing a bit of material Jasper produced.

Realign to your need and start using it

You got your output, it might be aligned with your requirement or it might need some alignment.

Jasper has given you some guidance and steps, now you can realign the final output based on your needs and then start using it for your marketing or website.

What content templates does Jasper AI offer?

The wide range of content templates accessible through Jasper.ai is one of the service’s greatest features. Users can currently choose from more than 50 distinct content designs, including:

  • Long-form assistant – Let Jasper help you write long-form articles and more from start to finish. (Only Available on Boss Mode)
  • AIDA Framework – Use the oldest marketing framework in the world. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.
  • PAS Framework – Problem-Agitate-Solution. A valuable framework for creating new marketing copy ideas.
  • Content Improver – Take a piece of content and rewrite it to make it more interesting, creative, and engaging.
  • Product Description – Create compelling product descriptions to be used on websites, emails, and social media.
  • Blog Post Topic Ideas – Brainstorm new blog post topics that will engage readers and rank well on Google.
  • Blog Post Outline – Create lists and outlines for articles. Works best for “Listicle” and “How to” style blog posts or articles.
  • Blog Post Intro Paragraph – Blast through writer’s block by letting us write your opening paragraph for you
  • Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph – Wrap up your blog posts with an engaging conclusion paragraph.
  • Creative Story – Write deliciously creative stories to engage your readers.
  • Explain It To a Child – Rephrase text to make it easier to read and understand.
  • Sentence Expander – Expand a short sentence or a few words into a longer sentence that is creative, interesting, and engaging.
  • Facebook Ad Headline – Generate scroll-stopping headlines for your Facebook Ads to get prospects to click, and ultimately buy.
  • Facebook Ad Primary Text – Create high converting copy for the “Primary Text” section of your Facebook ads.
  • Google Ads Headline – Create high converting copy for the “Headlines” section of your Google Ads.
  • Google Ads Description – Create high converting copy for the “Description” section of your Google Ads.
  • Google My Business – What’s New Post – Generate What’s New post updates for Google My Business
  • Google My Business – Event Post – Generate event details for your Google My Business event posts
  • Google My Business – Product Description – Generate product descriptions for your Google My Business
  • Google My Business – Offer Post – Generate offer details for your Google My Business offer posts
  • Amazon Product Features (bullets) – Create key feature and benefit bullet points for Amazon listings under the “about this item” section.
  • Amazon Product Description (paragraph) – Create compelling product descriptions for Amazon listings. The output is typically paragraph form, but the style will vary.
  • Perfect Headline – Trained with formulas from the world’s best copywriters, this template is sure to create high-converting headlines for your business.
  • Website Sub-headline – Create delightfully informative sub-headlines (H2) for your websites and landing pages.
  • Photo Post Captions – Write catchy captions for your Instagram posts
  • Jasper.ai Testimonial Helper – Use this template to generate testimonials for Jasper.ai. If this goes well, we’ll open it up for you to collect testimonials from all of your customers.
  • Marketing Angles – Brainstorm different angles to add vibrancy to your marketing.
  • Persuasive Bullet Points – Generate persuasive bullet points to insert into landing pages, emails, and more.
  • Video Topic Ideas – Brainstorm new video topics that will engage viewers and rank well on YouTube.
  • Video Script Outline – Create script outlines for your videos. Works best for “Listicle” and “How to” style videos.
  • Video Titles – Create engaging, click-worthy titles for your videos that will rank on Youtube.
  • Video Script Hook and Introduction – Create a video intro that will capture your viewer’s attention and compel them to watch all the way through.
  • Video Description – YouTube – Create unique descriptions for Youtube videos that rank well in search.
  • Review Responder – Write responses to public customer reviews that are winsome, professional, and delightful.
  • Personalized Cold Emails – Write cold emails that actually work and get responses.
  • Email Subject Lines – Write compelling email subject lines that get readers to open.
  • SEO – Blog Posts – Title and Meta Descriptions – Write SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions for blog posts that will rank well on Google.
  • SEO – Homepage – Title and Meta Descriptions – Write SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions for homepages that will rank well on Google.
  • SEO – Product Page – Title and Meta Descriptions – Write SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions that will rank well on Google for product pages.
  • SEO – Services Pages – Title and Meta Descriptions – Write SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions that will rank well on Google for company services pages.
  • Company Bio – Tell your company’s story with a captivating bio.
  • Personal Bio – Write a creative personal bio that captures attention.
  • Feature to Benefit – Turn your product features into benefits that compel action.
  • Before-After-Bridge Framework – Create marketing copy using the BAB framework. Before, After, Bridge.
  • Unique Value Propositions – Create a clear statement that describes the benefit of your offer in a powerful way.
  • Real Estate Listing – Residential – Creative captivating real estate listings that sell homes quickly.
  • Pinterest Pin Title & Description – Create great Pinterest pin titles and descriptions that drive engagement, traffic, and reach.
  • Press Release Title & Intro – Write the opening paragraph of a press release that people will actually want to read.
  • Engaging Questions – Ask your audience creative questions to increase engagement.
  • Quora Answers – Intelligent answers for tough questions.
  • Text Summarizer – Get the key point from a piece of text.
  • Business or Product Name – Generate a winning name for your business or product.
  • Poll Questions & Multiple Choice Answers – Engage your community and get to know them on a deeper level. Create questions with multiple choice answers.
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There’s a Jasper content template for everyone out there, whether you run a business, WordPress blog, YouTube channel, or do any other kind of content production.

What is Jasper Boss Mode?

Jasper Boss Mode is the newest Jasper.ai product, which allows you to be in command of your AI content and get it written even quicker than before.

It’s like Jasper Long-Form Assistant on steroids, but more powerful.

Jasper AI has taken the crown with the best long-form editor experience on the market, thanks to its Boss Mode.

What features does Jasper Boss Mode offer over the Long-Form Assistant?

  • Write Content 2x Faster
  • Unlocked Compose Button
  • Increased Jasper Visibility
  • Write Jasper Commands

How does Jasper Boss Mode work?

Open the Long-Form Editor, Create a command for Jasper – For example, “Write a paragraph on amazon marketplace”, Observe Jasper create content – Watch as Jasper reads your instruction and produces unique, high-quality material in seconds.

Make sure to check out the Jasper Commands cheat sheet for Boss Mode if you’re wondering what sorts of instructions you can give Jasper.

What are Jasper Recipes?

Jasper Boss Mode allows you to utilize Jasper Commands, which is one of the finest advantages of turning on Boss Mode on your account. You may write instructions for Jasper to publish using Jasper Commands, which are one of the best features of setting up Boss Mode.

But wait, there’s more! What if you could utilize templates that combined several Jasper Commands together in a chain? What if it were as easy as opening up a template and executing all of the Jasper Commands in sequence to produce blog entries, emails, advertising, or video scripts?

Yes, they have a solution for that, it’s called Jasper Recipes!

Jasper Recipes are a set of specialized recipes that, when followed in the correct order, will allow you to create all sorts of stuff much faster than previous.

Jasper Recipes makes things a lot easier for you if you’re on the Boss Mode plan.

If you wanted to produce a blog post, for example, you’d have to run a slew of Jasper Commands that look something like this:

  • Write a content brief about {TOPIC}
  • Write blog post title ideas.
  • Write an intro paragraph.
  • Write a blog post outline.
  • Write about {OUTLINE_ITEM_1}.
  • Write about {OUTLINE_ITEM_2}.
  • Write about {OUTLINE_ITEM_3}.
  • Write a conclusion paragraph.

The most common and basic recipe use is to chain together multiple lines of code (called Jasper Commands) and pre-build them into a single Jasper Recipe.

All you have to do on your end is follow the instructions in the recipe, replacing the variable names such as {TOPIC} with your own values.

Isn’t it wonderful how easy it is to have an AI robot author your content for you?

Who Should Use Jasper.AI?

Jasper.ai is a copywriting tool that can be used by anyone who needs help with text or headline generation. It’s ideal for bloggers, copywriters, and others who are stuck in writer’s block.

Marketers (Who want to boost the effectiveness of their advertising, emails, social media posts, and websites)

Entrepreneurs (If you’re new to copywriting, AI might help you free up time by automating tasks that are currently done manually.)

Agencies (Use Jasper to get your work done to your clients on time.)

For individuals suffering from writer’s block, Jasper.ai is particularly true, since they are unable to come up with anything new.

If your copywriting, freelancing, and agency work doesn’t drastically decrease in the next few months, you’ll likely be replaced by a robot or someone who knows how to utilize one. Which will it be? Jasper.ai is past due for me to invest in.

Who Should NOT Use Jasper AI?

You have plenty of time to create material at a turtle’s pace.

You don’t want more Google, Pinterest, or YouTube traffic or conversions. More content = more visitors.

You don’t want to stay on top of your competition by producing higher-quality content in less time.

You’re seeking for one-click content production software. This AI tool is designed with humans and AI in mind to generate high-quality material ten times faster.

Jasper.ai Customer Support

Jasper.ai is the creation of UseProof, a firm that has gained a reputation for outstanding client service. These goods will also provide improved customer service.

In the event that you run into payment difficulties with any of the Jasper apps, go to your account and log in. The site will have a widget on the right-below side that you may click on. They will immediately assist you out of your problem if you click on it and ask for help.

If you live in the United States, expect a quicker response than if you reside outside of America; it may take 5-7 hours to respond to your inquiries.

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Knowledgebase Support

You may effortlessly receive access to Jasper.ai help and support by navigating to the Help & Support page, where you’ll find a wealth of instructional manuals that allow you to utilize Jasper.ai like an expert. It’s particularly beneficial for individuals who are new to Jasper.ai.

Jasper.AI Academy: Contains Video Tutorial & Training

Jasper.AI has done an outstanding job creating tutorials and training films to teach you how to utilize Jasper for your business in a way that is simple and straightforward.

The Jasper.ai academy has a lot of excellent video instruction. Using Jasper.ai, I enjoy “How to write and publish your book in 72 hours?” One of my favorite things to do is watch Darby Rollins’ instructional video on how to write and publish a book in less than 72 hours. If you want to write your own book, this is for you.

The training is updated on a weekly basis, with live training sessions twice or three times each week. Their open forum to discuss issues that are important in your field will provide you with the most up-to-date information.

When I was just getting started with Jasper.ai, I used it for two to three days, during which time my mind was taken captive by the software. This is not a helpful tool for you, but thankfully this informative video training saved me from making an uninformed decision. If you’re new to this innovative technology, like me, I recommend you watch a Jasper.ai video training to learn how it works and what you could use the software for before making any sort of decision.

Supportive Community

Jasper.ai’s community is a private Facebook group where you may connect with other Jasperians and their team of specialists to get assistance. How do I join the group? When you sign up, they send you a link that allows you access to this community.

The Jasper AI community is expanding at a fast rate. We’ve already seen over 35,000 users join this group to learn and share their expertise in an Interesting manner that will encourage creativity in less than seven months.

Jasper AI – How much does it cost?

Jasper AI has two pricing plans to choose from Starter and Boss Mode.

Jasper AI is a cloud-based natural language processing service. How much does it cost? The Starter plan costs $29 per month and includes 20,000 words each month. The Boss Mode plan costs $119 per month.

Starter Plan – $29/month

  • 20,000 Words/month
  • Up to 600 Characters/Output
  • 50+ Copywriting Templates
  • Upto 5 User
  • 25+ Supported Languages
  • Chat Support
  • AI Copywriter’s Community

Boss Mode – $59/month

  • 50,000 Words/month
  • Up to 3,000 Characters/Output
  • Command Jasper
  • Recipes
  • SEO Mode
  • 50+ Copywriting Templates
  • Unlimited Project Folders
  • 25+ Supported Languages
  • Learn tips and connect with 35,000+ copywriters using Jasper.
  • AI Copywriter’s Community

If you go for the annual plan, you get a 2-month free discount. I would recommend you to go for the annual plan, so you are locked for the pricing. Jasper team is coming up with many new features, these new features come with a cost and they keep increasing the price, if you are locked to the annual plan, you would get most of the new features for free.

Jasper AI Free Trial

Is Jasper AI available for a free trial? Yes, Jasper.ai provides a 5-day free trial where you may test the software without spending anything. When you sign up today, you’ll receive 10,000 more words loaded on your account as an added bonus.

Claim 10,000 Word Jasper Free Trial

Conclusion – Is Jasper AI worth it?

Yes, Jasper AI is well worth the money you spend. Jasper AI copywriting is of exceptionally high quality, and it will allow you to produce a lot more content for your business in a fraction of the time than before.

You can get started right away by learning how to use Jasper as a copywriting assistant to save even more money. Plus, because professional copywriters are much more expensive than Jasper.ai’s monthly fee, you’ll be able to write and publish your book for even less!

Which Jasper AI plan is right for you? I highly suggest purchasing the Boss Mode plan, which allows you to create an infinite number of AI words each month and gives you access to Jasper Commands, which enable you to quickly produce amazing blogs, marketing emails, and even novels!

I’ve been using Jasper.ai Boss Mode for months now to write blog entries, and I’m very happy with my purchase.

What do you think of Jasper AI? Have you used Jasper already? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Frequently Asked Questions

What examples can I use Jasper AI for?

Jasper.ai is a content creation platform that was designed to make it easier for users with little or no writing experience to produce compelling blogs. 50+ pre-formatted templates are available, and Jasper.ai is constantly learning new ones. Creating appealing Facebook advertisements, high-converting website headlines, SEO-friendly blog posts, questions to engage your readers, and many other types of content is what Jasper.ai specializes in!

How do I use the templates?

Jasper provides you with a list of pre-formatted templates that can automatically be customized to suit your needs. You simply choose one template, then edit it to fit your specific needs by opening up the text editor on the right side of the screen and editing your copy.

Can I use Jasper AI to write my book?

Yes! Whether you’re looking to write a bestselling novel or an engaging blog, Jasper AI can help. Many users report that after using Jasper for just thirty minutes, they could already see how much time and effort the software saves them every week.

Is Jasper AI producing original work?

Yes. Jasper.ai produces 100% unique content that does not repeat itself and passes plagiarism tests, according to the company. You’ll never have to worry about AI generating plagiarized work.

What languages does Jasper AI support?

Jasper.ai, the AI copywriting machine behind the ai, can currently converse in more than 25 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Dutch, Polish. It also understands many dialects of these languages.

Does Jasper AI produce high-quality writing?

Yes! The company believes that their cutting-edge machine learning technology allows them to create artificial intelligence capable of producing content indistinguishable from human writers, and they’re right! You’ll be amazed by how accurate the results are.

How many words can I write with Jasper AI?

Jasper charges you for each word that the software creates on your behalf. The more words that are written by Jasper per month, the higher your monthly fee is going to be. That being said, if you sign up today, you can get started with Boss Mode for just $59 per month, which provides access to boss mode and document style commands.

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