Video is a popular marketing tactic, and experts believe it to be one of the most important developments in the industry. Content and videos are not an up-and-coming trend – they are an integral part of many companies’ initiatives.

Incorporating videos in your landing pages increases conversion rates by as much as 80%. Plus, 92% of mobile video consumers share the videos with others. Videos are a powerful tool that you can use to reach and engage your target audience.

Tips for an Effective Video Marketing Strategy: Ways to Increase Views
Tips for an Effective Video Marketing Strategy: Ways to Increase Views

Create a posting schedule

It is more effective to post regular updates in videos rather than posting video content at random. Mind the amount of work that will need to be done because video campaigns take time and effort, but using them wisely can produce desirable effects on your online marketing efforts.

As you create your video content, establish and maintain a publishing schedule. This will encourage your audience to consistently come back for more videos and lead them up to big product launches or exciting announcements.

Implement new video campaigns according to your posting schedule, so that your audience will always be engaged in your content. This also lets you establish yourself as a leader in the industry through consistent, helpful video content.

Include Demos, Explainer and Tutorials

If you want to explain how your products work, video marketing can be an effective tool. Utilizing video content that demonstrates how to use them is a great way to engage your audience and boost sales.

For customers who are undecided about whether to buy your product or service, providing video demos and reviews can have a significant impact on the decision. For example, if I want to buy a new hiking backpack, I can check out videos of different brands before making my purchase.

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More satisfied customers will be likely to purchase your products and services if you give tutorials and demos so that they can make a confident buying decision.

Tell stories

Experiencing a truly captivating story is one of the biggest thrills.

Incorporating stories in your videos will help you to engage with viewers. Rather than simply introducing your company, mission and products, look for ways to tell a story using video content. How does your company make a difference? Learn the story and use videos to share it with audiences.

Show your personality

Videos are a chance to show your company culture in action: they need to be engaging. In order for videos to be successful, the viewers want them to have personality and interest in them.

Consider what sets your business apart and highlight that in your videos. When creating video content, don’t waste valuable time with lackluster productions.

Include User-generated content

Use videos to let customers get involved in marketing. Encourage them to share video content of them using your product and post the video on your social media channels and website.

Videos work best when they include the subjects of the video. When people see themselves in a video, they’re likely to share it with friends and family. This exposure will only increase for your brand as videos are shared more often.

Include calls to action

If you want viewers to take any action, don’t forget to let them know what that is.

You can instruct your viewers to take the desired action, like watching the video above or visiting your website for more information.

Customers like your video if they want to get the goods after watching it. Add a call to action so viewers know what you do and how they can buy from you.

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Optimize videos with SEO content

Google indexes video content on YouTube. Suppose someone is looking for your brand and a particular phrase. You have the opportunity to show up multiple times in the same search.

To optimize the videos, you post, make sure to include keywords in your video descriptions and include shortened links with calls to action that encourage people to visit your website or a landing page offering a special offer.

TubeBuddy is the best tool for YouTube Channel Optimisation; check it out!

YouTube has a tagging feature that will help your video become relevant for consumers watching similar videos.

Evaluate the success

To have successful video marketing campaigns, you need to evaluate the effectiveness of your video marketing strategies.

Video hosting sites provide analytics that can help you analyze metrics such as the number of times videos are played and the percentage of visitors who click play.

You can also keep track of the effectiveness of your videos by using Google Analytics. This will give you information about all other content on your site, creating a full picture of how effective it has been and where adjustments might need to be made.

Videos have achieved significant popularity in recent years, and it’s predicted they will continue to be a valuable marketing tool.


We hope you enjoyed the content we shared with you. If you’re interested in learning more about how to create a video marketing strategy that drives views, check out our blog post for some tips on getting started. When it comes to creating successful videos, don’t forget to evaluate your strategies and make adjustments as necessary based on what data is telling you. Videos are an increasingly popular way of reaching customers; do not let this opportunity pass by without taking advantage of its potential impact on your business!