Are you looking to run a social media contest?

Social media contests are the best ways to engage with your customers and build trust.

By running a social media contest, you get to connect with all your existing audience, nurture a relationship with them and let them be a part of your product’s marketing.

These social media contests convert your audience to become brand advocates.

Let’s look at the top ideas to run a successful social media contest for your business.


The audiences can enter their details to participate in the contest. The business gets to generate leads, and a randomly generated winner will be rewarded a price at the end of the contest.

Photo Contest

Running social media photo contest is the best way to create social proof for the product. Depending on your business model, derive the contest rules, and the audience will participate in the contest by sharing the photos. A photo contest is the best way to create user-generated content for your business.

Photo Caption Contest

You have a product, and you want to check the pulse of the audience. Running a photo caption contest will give you many ideas about how your audience looks at your product and what they feel about it. Share the photo on your social media account and ask your audience to participate by commenting on their favorite caption for the photo.

Like to Win

Like or Follow to win the contest, selects a random winner from the new followers for the social media account. This kind of contest helps to increase the follower count for the brand.

Similar to like to win the contest, you can also run tag or comment to win the contest.

Vote Contest

Running a voting contest is about sharing different options for your audience to rate or vote on your social media page. This is an amusing way to engage with your audience; it makes them feel part of your business.

Instagram Hashtag Contest

Running a hashtag contest on Instagram is a fantastic way to get user-generated content for your business.

Coupon Contest

This type of contest works best for eCommerce; giving aways coupons helps businesses generate more sales than leads.

Video Contest

Video contest is similar to photo contests, instead of photos, you allow the audience to upload videos to participate in the contest.

Selecting the right contest type is the first step, but finding a theme to base it around is crucial to making it successful.

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