How to Generate More Traffic and Leads With Solo Ads Udimi Review
How to Generate More Traffic and Leads With Solo Ads Udimi Review

If you want more people to visit your site or to sign up for your email list, you might have used Google Adwords or Facebook Ads before. Now you can use other methods too. 

Solo ads have been around for a long time, but they are still an effective way to generate traffic and leads.

Udimi is one of the best solo ad networks you can use, as it has a range of email templates that will help you get started with your campaign.

Udimi is a good way to get traffic from solo ads. In this article, I will show you how Udimi works and how it can help your business make more money.

What are solo ads?

If this is the first you’ve heard of solo ads, don’t worry. They are email advertisements that you can send to other people’s lists. You pay a fee, and they can add your email to their list. 

Then, if done correctly, recipients will click on any offers in the emails and hopefully get leads from those clicks.

Solo ads are cheaper than Google Adwords or Facebook Ads and less strict. But you need to be careful when choosing the right email list. Some are not good, and they waste your time and money.

Another thing to notice about solo ads is that they might not work well for some things. Solo ads effectively promote other offers, like affiliate marketing or CPA.

What is udimi? Why Choose it?

Before, when you wanted to find solo ad providers for your company, you would have to look on many different websites. Sometimes these websites were not good, and sometimes you did not find any ads. It took so much time and effort and had different results.

Udimi is a place where people buy and sell solo ads. It is free to sign up, and you can do it quickly.

How to select solo ad providers on Udimi?

First, you need to join Udimi. Join for free and get $5 for free on sign-up!

You will only be charged for creating your order.

When you log in, you can click on the “Find Sellers” link in the top menu to see a list of providers.

Before choosing solo ad providers on the list, you should use the filters. The filters will help you pick the best one for your needs.

The first filter is the rating filter. Both buyers and sellers get a rating after every transaction in Udimi. For sellers, this lets people know how they are at delivering results for their customers and if they’re good at it or not. The positive and negative ratings can be checked on a seller’s profile.

I usually choose sellers with at least 100+ ratings. And they have to have 2 of 10 ratings with sales.

You should look at the % of buyers filter. It will show you how many people got sales from the solo ads that they were in.

For example, if the value says 35%, 35% of people say they had a sale from their solo ad when they were in with a seller.

This is not a perfect way to pick out the right seller. There is no way of checking the people who report their sales. But if you use the rating filter, then this will give you a list of sellers that are usually reputable.

When you buy solo ads, you should look at the prices. You can get them for as much as $0.95 per click or as little as 0.35 cents per click. It is better to pay more than less because when you pay more, your business will do well.

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You got a list of people that you can talk to. Read their profile, and it tells you about their email lists. It tells if the leads come from a certain place or belong to a certain group. This will help you be more specific when deciding who to talk to.

When you scroll through the profiles, you can see their customers’ reviews. You should read them because some might be bad.

How to buy the first solo ads in Udimi?

After choosing the right vendor for your business needs, buying a solo ad from them is a straightforward transaction.

At the top of the box, you will see a slider. You can click on it to choose how many clicks you want from sellers. The number you put in is the minimum amount of clicks that will come to your post. Sometimes, some sellers give more than what is written on this slider. It is nice if they do that.

Below the slider, there are filters that you can use. The Udimi filter removes bot traffic and fake clicks from the equation.

You can use filters to find what you need, but these filters will cost more. This is so that the quality of traffic is better, but I recommend not using these other filters for now.

The copy is most important when writing an ad. You can write the copy, or you can have the seller do it. If you don’t write it, the seller will do it and just include links to your website from within the email.

If you trust the person, it is good to let them write. If you are not confident in your writing, it is better to have someone else write for you. The disadvantage is that they can make mistakes.

This means you get to write your email and put your message in it. This is important because you can say what you want. It can help if you spend some time researching how to write good emails before buying any solo ads.

If you are an affiliate marketer, then your affiliate program will have emails for you to use. Just make some changes, and you can start sending them out.

Udimi saves all the solo ads you order. The email will show the last solo ad you ordered. You can then choose other old ads from a drop-down list. If you have a lot of different vendors, it will save time not having to write from scratch again and again.

You can see the total price of your solo ad order on the same page as the head and email copy. 

The lower left side will show Udimi’s fee of $3. Once you are happy with everything, you can go ahead with your purchase by clicking ‘Add to cart.

When you buy a solo ad, the seller has to approve it. If they do, they have 100 hours to start delivering results. When they do, you can see your stats: how many clicks and where they came from.

Pros of using Udimi:

  • It is a very good place to find solo ad providers. You do not need to search forums for vendors who are not credible.
  • Sellers always give more than what is expected.
  • You can filter your search by ratings, sales delivered/converted, and price.
  • Udimi offers random $5 discounts for every purchase of an ad and rating of a user when you register for the service platform.
  • Previous headlines and email copies are saved, so you don’t need to write them all the time. Just use what you have before.

Cons of using Udimi:

  • Sales conversion rating is not the best way to measure success.
  • Some traffic filters are available for only an extra fee.
  • Most sellers on Udimi are in the making money online industry.
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Is Udimi worth a try?

If you want to get a lot of traffic, then solo ads are worth your time and money. Solo ads are easy to approve, too.

In the past, it was hard to find good providers of solo ads. It was hard to check their credentials and see what they have done in the past. However, things are now easier since there is a website where you can find providers of solo ads like Udimi that make it easier for you.

Udimi is a website that lets people find and buy ads. They make it easier to find the best person for the job. Udimi helps people who want to buy ads.

Udimi is worth it. Udimi helps you get more traffic and build your email list.

If you want to try it out, just click here to sign up for an account, and you will get $5 FREE.