Is your business struggling to grow? Are you looking for new ways to attract clients and customers? If so, then it’s time to start thinking about video marketing.

Video marketing is becoming more popular than ever before due to the success of social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. This article will teach you how to use LinkedIn as a video marketing platform, which can be very effective because LinkedIn has over 400 million members!

Using Video Marketing on LinkedIn to Land Your Next Clients
Using Video Marketing on LinkedIn to Land Your Next Clients

Video is important to how we connect and learn, and it can be used to promote yourself and your business to get more clients. Videos give people a more personal peek into the qualities of people we never met in real life.

People who own service-based businesses have started to use digital tools to connect with potential clients. One way is by using video marketing. People use LinkedIn for business partnerships, so if you have a video on Linkedin, it will help people see who you are and what your business does.

Why video marketing?

Marketing is about capturing the attention of your target audience, and it’s the same when you’re looking for clients on LinkedIn.

What are some things that you do differently than other companies? What makes you different from the competition? Videos can help, and it is also a skill that people want now.

A resume is a document that has a list of skills and experience, and it can be hard to get this from a text. 75% of professionals say they cannot tell what you are looking for in a business partner from your resume.

Video has become a tool for collaboration in today’s world. Organizations are starting to use it more and more. It is like meeting your friends and colleagues face-to-face.

Leveraging digital networking tactics is a good way to build relationships, and you can do that without being in the same place as someone else using videos.

In addition to a video marketing strategy, it is also important to use other tools. For example, you should consider a client management software that has some features such as project collaboration and file sharing. Going digital with social networking and project management can make things more efficient. It can be easy for relationships to slip without face-to-face contact.

Where to use video marketing on LinkedIn?

Professionals can use LinkedIn to promote themselves and engage with their clients by sharing videos on these places:

Cover Story

Your cover story allows a 30-second video that appears on your page to make an initial impression on your connections. This is when you may introduce yourself, explain what you do, and talk about what’s most important to you.

It may be useful to prepare a list of essential talking points before filming videos in order to come across as polished and self-assured. Determine what message you want to send, and make sure that it’s included. You might also include a call to action for your viewers to contact you or visit your website.

Experience section

In the experience section, professionals can also show their abilities with films. It might be difficult to express your skills and expertise in a few short sentences, so the video may be useful when it comes to describing the breadth of your knowledge.

You may also post LinkedIn newsfeed videos to your experience section by selecting the three dots at the top right of your published article. Copy the ink and add it to your Experience area.

Featured section

This is where you may showcase your professional experience and expertise with external links to articles, media, and LinkedIn posts. This is another fantastic area to show a quick video in which you address the camera or an animated explanation to pique your audience’s interest. Outside postings are permissible on LinkedIn as well as other platforms that allow people to share stories through video.

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If you have professional videos posted on platforms such as Vimeo, Youtube, Twitch, or Dtube, consider linking them here. You may already have video proof of your industry knowledge, but you’re also letting your connections know where else they can find you for more information about your work.


The newsfeed is an excellent platform to share short films to break up the monotony and entice your connections to your articles. To give your movies a professional appearance, include background music, text, and intriguing transitions.

Posting professional videos, such as Product and service demonstrations Answers to frequently requested questions, Insider perspectives on your workday and team members, Customer testimonials, and Business updates

Frequently sharing videos to your newsfeed can assist you in gaining trust and legitimizing your business.

Messages and connections

You may also use video on LinkedIn to enhance interpersonal interactions by using video messages. After all, a video message is virtually the same as a brief discussion in person.

Developing long-term connections and prospects is dependent on conversations and pleasant encounters. Sending a quick, informal video message may be an excellent method to set yourself apart from your competition and leave a lasting impression.


Video marketing can be useful to professionals on LinkedIn. People may find it difficult to convey their expertise and capabilities through text alone, so videos are an excellent way to make a lasting impression with your connections.

Start creating videos, share them on your LinkedIn, generate leads, and land your next client.