A website click tracking tool is a way to find out what people are clicking and not clicking on your website. It will tell you which links they are clicking most often and their engagement with the pages of your site.

You can then use these findings to improve the layout or content of your site in order to make it more appealing for visitors!

What is a Website Click Tracking Tool? How to use it?
What is a Website Click Tracking Tool? How to use it?

A Website Click Tracking Tool is an incredibly useful way for companies who want a better understanding of how their customers interact with their websites.

This information can be used as feedback in order to create a more satisfying experience for current users but also attract new ones by providing potential customers with the insights they need before making a purchase decision.

The benefits that come from using this software range from increased revenue through more sales to better customer satisfaction through better web design.

Features of Website Click Tracking Tools: What do they do?

A website click tracking tool will track everything a user does on your site, from clicks to time spent on the page. This information can then be used in order to improve the existing layout or content. For example, if you notice that lots of visitors are spending time on one page without clicking any links, you may want to reconsider the page layout. You can use customer feedback to make sure your content is as useful and readable as possible.

How do they work?

Website click tracking software offers a wide range of features, from basic services which only track clicks to more advanced tools which include everything from customer feedback to conversion rates.

These click tracking apps typically have a ‘pixel’ that is placed on each of the pages of your site. When someone visits those pages, this pixel will inform the tracking software as to what page was visited, where they came from, and the information they provided.

The pixel is usually placed in the top section of each page, but it also depends on the software you use.

Website click tracking software will then provide you with statistics that can be used to analyze user behavior from every angle: visitor type, time spent on site, added products to cart – this information can be used to improve your site.

Customer Feedback

One of the most common uses of website click tracking software is customer feedback. It provides you with statistics on how users are feeling about your current products and the layout and content of your pages. 

This information is incredibly useful in order to create a better user experience and improve those pages that are underperforming. 

When you know exactly how your customers feel about your products, this can be used in a variety of ways to attract new customers or retain current ones.

You could change the design of the product page to make it more attractive to potential buyers or alter pricing information so that users feel like they are getting the best possible deal at all times. 

Conversion Rates

Another very useful feature of website click tracking software is conversion rates. By placing a pixel on your shopping cart buttons, you can find out exactly how many people are making purchases after visiting your site, and more importantly, why they’re not buying. This information can be used to make changes in order to increase conversion rates.

Best Click Tracking Software: ClickMagick

ClickMagick is a very powerful website click tracking software that provides you with all of the features mentioned above and more. It offers advanced conversion tracking, which gives you information on how many people have made purchases after visiting your site and what their motivation was in doing so.

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This allows for highly customized marketing strategies, where a company can find out exactly what kind of products their customers are looking for and then tailor the content of their site to match.

Check out the ClickMagick review here and click here to start with ClickMagick Free Trial.


There are a variety of ways that website click tracking software can be used, and even the most basic tools will provide you with useful insights into your user behavior. It’s vital for online businesses to understand their users so they can improve the online shopping experience.