When it comes to sending emails, there are a lot of options out there. Some businesses choose to use big-name email providers such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail, while others opt for more specialized services that cater specifically to their needs.

One such service is Sendinblue. This review will go in-depth into how Sendinblue can help your business grow and why you should use them instead of the competition.

Sendinblue Review – The Cheapest All-in-One Solution

Why You Should Use Sendinblue for Your Business: Detailed Review
Why You Should Use Sendinblue for Your Business: Detailed Review

Sendinblue’s email marketing platform was developed in response to the biggest challenge facing small- to mid-business: automating email promoting for a marketing budget.

Its feature list includes CRM, marketing automation, transaction email SMS, landing pages, and Facebook Advertising. With the new email service, almost 10 billion emails are sent each day, and many have been returned every single day for free!

It doesn’t look much worse for a company ranked as a relative newcomer (it was founded in 2012). It even has a very popular email plugin for WordPress. It is a popular plugin for the popular WordPress site.

Sendinblue’s Pricing and Plans

Sendinblue has paid plans. They are all unlimited contacts. Different ones have different numbers of emails you can send each month, but all of them are unlimited. The “Lite” plan starts at $25 per month for 10,000 emails and goes up to $99 per month for 100,000 emails.

You can get a Premium package for $65 per month for 20,000 emails. It goes up to $599 per month for 1,000,000 emails. You can also get an Enterprise plan if you are a larger company that needs more than 1,000,000 emails.

Sendinblue’s pricing is easy to understand. You just pay for how many emails you send every month. Other companies have more complicated pricing that includes how many contacts you have and what type of contact it is, too. This can be confusing because you are not sure what the cost will be at the end.

Sendinblue is cheaper than other companies. 

Sendinblue’s free plan is a way to try it without paying. You can sign up with your company name, email address, and password.

With this plan, you will not get any advanced marketing features. You can’t do A/B testing. But with the plan, you can contact people as many times per day ((300) and send them messages without being charged. If you want more of these features, you can upgrade to a paid tier.

Just be aware that the Professional Services Templates Service has a lot of templates, but you have to pay extra. The templates were tested in over 30 email clients, and this will give you the highest success rate possible if you need a new template quickly.

About the Free email marketing software plan

SendinBlue has a free plan that will satisfy you. This is fantastic for testing SendinBlue out before spending any of your earnings.

What you need to know about the free plan

If you have anywhere from one to 1,000 subscribers and are just getting started with your email list, The SendinBlue free plan should be sufficient.

There are only a few limitations on the free tier, but landing pages and SMS marketing aren’t included.

The free plan gets you 300 emails a day. Email automation is free for up to 2,000 subscribers.

For the first 60 days of your free plan, you’ll also get help from phone support. This is good if you have questions.

This is a fantastic offer for free email marketing software.

Building an Email List With Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a professional company that follows the law. If you want to upload emails, you must explain how you got them. You can’t send spam or not follow the law. That would be bad for your business.

We imported our contacts from an Excel spreadsheet, which means we had to map the field names with the corresponding ones in Sendinblue. 

With Sendinblue, you cannot add custom fields to manual input. However, if you use an upload or submit a form, then you will be able to add custom fields. It will work if the submission form is for email addresses and names only (no dates).

You can choose not to upload fields that don’t match. For example, if you want a birthday on a date field, then you would create a new field type of text. That may work for Sendinblue, but it would be better if they made things easier for customers.

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Once your contacts are uploaded, and the system has put all their data in place, you’ll get an email. This is helpful if you have a lot of people to contact. You can also export your contacts or set them so that the system exports them every day.

You may segment contacts based on the data you’ve gathered or on a variety of automatic triggers, such as when they were added to the system and whether they’ve ever read or opened an email.

Contacts and Campaign Setup

While the contact mapping phase was confusing, Sendinblue is better at importing data from other email marketing platforms. You can use a wizard to import contacts and campaign data from Active Campaign, Getresponse, Mailchimp, and Twilio SendGrid.

You can use the service to help you convert between services. But if you do not enter the fields in the conversion process, they will not be synced. The only mandatory fields are an email or SMS field.

Creating your first campaign in Sendinblue is straightforward. Simply give it a name, subject line, and sender email address. Settings such as changing the “to” field to include the subscriber’s name and creating a custom Unsubscribe page for each campaign are available if you want to get really creative.

You can also add tags and attach attachments. The maximum size is 5MB, and you can even make a link to show people in their browser.

Next, choose a template builder. You can use the responsive design tool or HTML simple text. The responsive design tool is what it sounds like: a way to make your email look different on screens of different sizes. This makes your campaign mobile-friendly.

Drag and drop to make a newsletter. You can start with a template or build your own design. If you want to start from scratch, then it will come with text, an image, and a button that you can swap for something else if you want to.

This website has features that will help you build a better-looking site. For example, there is a CAPTCHA option that can stop robots from coming to your site. There is also the landing page builder, based on customers’ feedback.

When we finished designing, we could not send out a test. We had to finish our profile in order to do this. This seemed unnecessary when there was a simple button that said “Complete.”

It is possible to preview emails in your web browser. You can send newsletters, transactional emails (like account creation or password reset), or text messages (for example, you can confirm an order, track it, etc.).

Marketing Automation for Small Business

It is easy to use Sendinblue. It doesn’t matter if you are an advanced marketer or just new.

The tool has a template for when people come to your website, how you send your birthday card, and other things. You can edit these templates. It is not super flexible, but it was a good starting point for the commerce-focused emails and drip campaigns.

You can make a custom workflow with these types of files: if someone’s email was completed, if they submitted form data, or if they were tagged while visiting your website.

Once you find the people to send an email to, you’ll figure out what they get. If they open it, they get one thing. If not, something else. There is no limit on how many emails you can send, but if you try to do too much, it won’t work.

When you send emails, you can filter them by different groups. You can filter by age or even what email they have.

For example, if someone visits your website for a certain amount of time, then they are added to the workflow. This is better than our other competitors because it is easy to use.

Sendinblue is a tool that can help you do your work with ease. This tool has a low price and many functions to make your life easier. Sendinblue helps send emails and SMS messages, organize contacts into different lists, and update information in your contact database.

Automation includes your different marketing channels. You can send text messages from SendinBlue, which is different from other software we have tested.

SMS Marketing is a good way to send marketing messages. The problem is that many people find it much more invasive than email marketing. Still, SMS has been proven to be more effective and personal than email, so it might be worth testing out.

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Automation is what feeds Sendinblue’s CRM. It tracks subscriber activity and matches it to your contact database. Automation does the same thing that a traditional CRM does, but just without pipeline management.

Sendinblue’s automation features are good. They’re better than some other companies because they do not cost as much.

But they are not as good as those who have designed their programs for large enterprise campaigns. But if you want to do this, you should try HubSpot or Salesforce Pardot. These are the tools for marketing automation that we think are the best.

Integrations and Plugins

Sendinblue is software for your online store. It starts with plugins for e-commerce platforms, like Shopify and WooCommerce. Allowing you to create digital marketing strategy with some basic product purchase monitoring so you can create workflows based on their buying activity. This includes not just a purchase but also abandoned shopping carts and product browsing.

Sendinblue has many more apps that you can use. These apps are mostly about analytics and CRM tools. Sendinblue also has an open API, which lets developers make new integrations if you need some customized features. Finally, there is a Facebook Ads extension, which can help with your Facebook ads if your subscribers are active on the platform.

Is Sendinblue the right newsletter service for you?

Recommended for:

Sendinblue is a great tool for trigger-based and transactional emails if you need to send transactional emails and SMS. Its automation workflow designer lets you build campaigns that are triggered by clicks, opens, and even webpage visits. Its dedicated transactional area also allows for messages such as password resets, sign-up, and purchase confirmations.

If you only send a few emails to the same people, Sendinblue costs far less than other comparable tools. It’s a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a value-for-money service with automation, sophisticated segmentation, live chat, and dynamic personalization.

You’re an e-commerce player, and Sendinblue can help you with that. Sendinblue has all of the bells and whistles necessary to fulfill your e-commerce needs, including customizable triggers based on purchase details, the option to import customer orders, and configurable KPIs. Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento are just a few of the platforms that Sendinblue supports.

If you’re a small business and if your cost per email is important to you, then Sendinblue can be a fantastic solution for many reasons. However, they offer all of their features in the free version too! This means that if open rates are more important than price or number of emails, then Sendinblue is the best option for you.

Not recommended For:

If you need numerous logins and varying user access levels, Unfortunately, Sendinblue only allows you to create login accounts for several users on their Premium and Enterprise plans.

If you need to send more than one million emails per month.

Pros in Using SendinBlue

In general, customers are enthusiastic about their SendinBlue experiences. The pricing is very competitive, and the software is simple to use.

Let’s have a look at some of the significant advantages that resulted from this.

SendinBlue user reviews say:

  • The Sendinblue email editor is simple and requires little to no adaptation.
  • Autosave and email render are a lifesaver
  • SendinBlue’s email automation features are top-notch and versatile.
  • With more than 65 email designs from which to choose if you want your email design to begin quickly.
  • SendinBlue’s customer service is available and helpful. Customer care may be reached by email, live chat, and phone.
  • When compared to other email marketing solutions, SendinBlue’s rates are unrivaled.
  • SendinBlue offers a really appealing free plan for life.

Cons in Using SendinBlue

There are drawbacks to using each email marketing service. SendinBlue isn’t for everyone. Here’s a rundown of the problems we heard about from customers and discovered when researching online SendinBlue reviews.

  • Logins for several users are only available in the Premium plan. You won’t be able to set up logins for different users unless you pay for SendinBlue’s Premium or Enterprise plans. This might be difficult when managing a small team of senders. If you require numerous login access levels, you must purchase the version with pricing at $66 per month
  • SendinBlue’s solution is not designed to handle enterprise automation. There are several possibilities for automating emails using SendinBlue, but if you want to create sophisticated autoresponders and automated processes – Remember, SendinBlue is not a marketing automation tool like SalesForce, Eloqua, or HubSpot that was built specifically for enterprises
  • In the Premium version, only dedicated IP addresses are available. 
  • Non-opt-in lists may be prohibited. Some internet reviews have criticized SendinBlue for not including those without an opt-in list. (Mostly spammers) Obviously, I believe it is excellent that they do not tolerate spammers.
  • There’s a wizard for A/B testing email subject lines, and you’ll need to split and send out the emails yourself if you want to tests whole campaigns.
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Customer Support Review

SendinBlue has a “Help” button prominently displayed in the interface. You may use this to access the SendinBlue knowledgebase, live web chat, or submit an email inquiry.

Users of SendingBlue remark that live chat agents are prompt, helpful, and pleasant, which is a good thing. We gave it a try as well. Furthermore, the knowledge base is quite extensive. So, when it came to evaluating customer service, everyone was happy.

SendinBlue discovered that people frequently seek assistance for e-commerce after analyzing their data. Interestingly, the program offers a “live” assistant automatically in response to their findings. For example, you’ll see an option appear when you try to create your first automation procedure.


Many internet companies utilize email marketing, and there’s a reason why. You may try the tool for free with no investment using the SendinBlue free plan. Then, if you like it for yourself, you can upgrade to a paid plan and get extra perks + more send volume.

SendinBlue is a fantastic tool when it comes to value for money. For what you pay, SendinBlue has no peer when it comes to functionality. It’s possible that it will fulfill your email marketing requirements.

Give it a go for free.

Frequently Asked Question:

What are the benefits of using SendinBlue vs. MailChimp & other service providers etc.?

It is cheaper than other email marketing services and includes more features for each plan tier.

Is it possible to track emails with SendinBlue?

Yes. The email marketing service has an integration with Google Analytics, Facebook Custom Audiences, and many more tools.

How do you remove the “Sendinblue” signature at the end of emails sent through it?

You can’t change or delete this on your own account, but they are happy to help you out if needed.

Is Sendinblue free?

Sendinblue’s free plan allows organizations to send up to 300 emails a day to an unlimited number of people. You may remove the limit to as little as $5 per month, and you can upgrade at any moment.

How to delete your Sendinblue Account?

If you want to stop using SendinBlack, just go to the “My Plan” page on your account. Click the “Close my Account” button at the bottom of the page.

Is Sendinblue good and reliable?

Sendinblue is an email marketing service that many people use. It is easy to use, affordable and has lots of features. Some people have tested the Sendinblue campaigns online and found that they work well.

Do I need to validate my account in SendinBlue?

First, you need to create an account on SendinBlue. Then you can activate your account by logging in and importing the contacts you want to communicate with. You have to finish filling out your profile. Next, set up a campaign that will be sent to the people on your contact list. You can change this later if you need to.

How much does it cost to use 200 emails/day on Sendinblue?

You can send up to 300 messages for free every day. If you want to send more, there are plans that cost $15 per month for 1000 emails/day and up to 15000 emails/day costs $70 each month.

Does SendinBlue provide SMTP?

Sendinblue is a transactional email service. To find your SMTP password, go to Sendinblue and click on your name. Scroll through the menu to find “SMTP and API” then copy that password into the SMTP box in order to use the service. If you forget your password, make sure you know how to reset it.

How do I reply from the same email address on Sendinblue?

To set up your Reply-to Address, go to “Email” then click “Reply settings.” You can also change this in any campaign that you are currently running or have created. You should receive an automatic confirmation message when your email address has been successfully updated.