Are you looking for ways to improve your marketing efforts? One of the best ways to do this is through video marketing.

Video marketing can be a great way to provide more information about your product or service, engage with viewers, and increase conversions.

Your Guide to Creating Great Videos: 31 Tips
Your Guide to Creating Great Videos: 31 Tips

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to video creation, then check out these 31 tips that will help guide you!

31 Tips to Creating Great Videos

Tell a Story

One of the most important aspects of creating a great video is storytelling.

Instead of being overtly salesy, an effective video tells a story.

This is a great way to set up your product or service and build trust with the viewer.

It also helps you stay away from sounding too salesy and can allow viewers to connect on an emotional level instead of just a logical one.

Be Personable, Authentic & Relatable

Make sure that you appear as someone that viewers can relate to.

By telling a story in your video, you’ll be able to show the viewer what kinds of problems might exist and how they can benefit from using your product or service.

Showing off some personality is another way that you will set yourself apart from other brands on social media channels!

Make Sure the Intro Is Noteworthy

The opening of your video is just as important as the rest of it.

Make sure that you come out with a bang and grab the viewer’s attention right away!

If there isn’t anything compelling about your intro, then they might decide to click on something else instead. You can always experiment and test what types of intros work best for your brand.

Make a provocative Video title

Create a video title that will pique the viewer’s interest.

If you are able to do this, then they’ll be more likely to click on your video and watch it all the way through!

In an effort to get a viewer’s attention, your video’s title should be intriguing and eye-catching. Furthermore, utilizing relevant keywords in the title will aid with search engine indexing.

Focus on the Outcome and Less on the Product or Service

Instead of focusing on what you are selling, it’s a good idea to focus on the outcome that your product or service will bring.

This is another tactic that helps with storytelling and builds trust between yourself and the viewer.

Make sure to tell viewers exactly how they’ll benefit from your products or services! If possible, be sure to back this up with statistics, research or studies.

Use High-Quality Video

High-quality videos are always the best! If you can’t provide high-quality video then it’s a good idea to have someone else do so for you.

There are many different types of videos that might utilize stock photos, animation, or other digital elements.

If you can’t provide high-quality video, then it’s best to avoid utilizing videos altogether!

Don’t Be Boring

Videos that are boring or lack personality will not be watched by viewers.

Instead, you need to make your videos engaging and entertaining in order for them to watch the whole thing through! This ultimately leads back to storytelling as well.

Ensure Your Video is Mobile-Friendly

Most of what people view nowadays happens on their mobile devices.

In fact, it’s a good idea to create videos that can easily be viewed on mobile no matter what size the screen is! This will ensure that your video gets as much exposure as possible.

Use Video Thumbnails Wisely

Video thumbnails are another great way to grab someone’s attention. There are many different kinds of thumbnails that you can use.

You’ll have to test out what types work the best, but it’s a good idea to keep them relatively simple and eye-catching.

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At first glance, these should provide the viewer with some sort of hint as to what your video is about!

Include Transcription in Your Videos

Transcription is a great way to add more value for your viewers.

This allows you to optimize the video by including relevant keywords that will help with search engine indexing and SEO purposes! Furthermore, it’s another tactic that helps build trust between yourself and the viewer.

Include Calls-to-Action in Your Video Description

Another great way to get your audience involved is by utilizing CTA’s in the description of your videos.

This allows you to tell them exactly what they should do next, whether it be following you on social media or visiting a certain webpage! When done correctly this can help with engagement and give you better results as well.

Always Include Keywords

It’s important to have your video title include relevant keywords.

Additionally, ensuring that the description of your videos is optimized with the right keywords is another great way to get more exposure! This will help if someone does a search for certain words or phrases associated with your brand and products/services.

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Put your URL into the video.

In a marketing video, displaying the website address is a fantastic technique for businesses to get exposure and drive traffic to their website.

Educate Your Audience

Another great way to capture a viewer’s attention is by educating them with an interesting statistic or fact.

For example, you could mention that “75% of adults are visual learners” which will get them to pay attention and keep watching! Furthermore, it’s also another tactic used in storytelling.

Music may be used to make the video seem more dramatic.

Music is a powerful instrument for video content, evoking a wide range of emotions. Don’t be afraid to use music in your video that suits the message and helps to make it more exciting and emotional.

Use Video Content Generated by Your Customers

User-generated video content is an incredible way to create targeted, relevant and engaging videos.

These types of videos are much more valuable than any other type because they show real people using your product or service which makes them much more believable!

Furthermore, it’s another great tactic for storytelling as well.

Share Viewers Behind the Scenes

Another great way to engage your viewers is by showing them behind-the-scenes footage.

For example, if you’re a restaurant owner you could share what goes on in the kitchen or how food is prepared!

This can help with brand loyalty as well because it shows that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to their favorite businesses and products/services.

Do Live Video Streams (If Possible)

Live video streaming is another great way to engage your viewers. It’s a fantastic marketing tactic because it allows businesses and brands to connect with their target audience in real-time!

This also helps them feel like they’re part of the action which can increase brand loyalty, particularly if your customers love what they see.

Include Tutorial Videos for Your Product/Service

Another great way to engage your viewers is by including helpful tutorial videos.

For example, if you sell beauty products or clothing items then uploading tutorials for how to use them could be beneficial!

These types of videos also show the viewer that they’re purchasing quality products because they’ve been tested and used before which can increase brand loyalty.

Keep Videos Short and Sweet

Keeping your videos short is another fantastic way to increase the quality of them without losing viewers’ interest!

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However, having a long video can be beneficial as well because it allows you to incorporate more information about your brand or products/services which will make viewers much more likely to stay tuned until the end.

Keep it Relevant to Your Content Strategy

Your videos must be relevant and in line with your overall content strategy, this way you won’t be wasting viewers’ time!

Furthermore, this will also help increase the effectiveness of them as well because they’re more likely to stay on track which is always great for businesses looking to increase their social media presence.

Be Consistent with Your Brand’s Voice

You must be consistent when it comes to your brand voice in the video, this way viewers will know what type of videos they can expect from you!

This also makes them much more relevant because they’ll fit right into your content strategy which is always great for businesses looking to increase their social media presence.

Offer Something Related for Users Who Watch the Full Video

It’s also important that you offer something related at the end of your videos!

This will make viewers more engaged and interested in what else you have to offer which can be great when trying to increase brand loyalty.

Furthermore, this is another great way to get viewers interested in your business and other products/services which can be very beneficial for businesses looking to increase their social media presence.

Use Micro-Video Apps

It’s also true, as all this discussion of brevity for the viewer suggests, that most social networks prefer shorter material.

Short, clear content, according to Forbes, defeats longer forms of content on social media platforms, particularly when it comes to micro-video apps that reduce videos to 10 seconds or less.

Video marketers should utilize micro-video applications

Ask Questions

Try to engage and talk with your video by asking people questions. In the comment section of the video, ask viewers to respond to the questions.

Don’t Be Perfectionist

You don’t have to be a perfectionist when it comes to creating videos.

In fact, being too perfect can actually take away from the video since people may not feel as connected with you because they’ll feel like there’s a barrier between you and them!

Videos for marketing purposes are not intended to be perfect, and no one expects them to be. While you want the video to look professional, don’t become so obsessed with perfection that you can’t get it right on the 50th take.

But Keep in Mind Production Quality Too

It’s also important to keep in mind that while you don’t have to be a perfectionist, this doesn’t mean production quality should take a backseat!

In fact, keeping the same standards of high-quality content will help your business grow and succeed which can look great for businesses looking to increase their social media presence.

Build up a lot of excitement about the video’s release or tease it in advance.

Make sure that the video is well-produced and high quality, even if you’re just starting out with making videos for marketing purposes.

Build up a lot of excitement about the video’s release or tease it in advance by talking to your audience via social media posts or emails so they’ll be interested when finally see the video on your channel.

Give the audience a chuckle or two.

Don’t forget to show your audience that you’re human!

Videos can be boring if they feel like an infomercial or commercial. Show them some personality and make it relatable by making the video funny every once in a while too.

Embed a Video in a Landing Page

Try to embed a video on your landing page.

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This will keep the viewers engaged and intrigued which can be great for businesses looking to increase their social media presence.

Use Video Annotations & End Screens

Another thing you should do is use annotations and end screens!

These are both ways of drawing attention to important details within your video which can be extremely handy for businesses looking to increase their social media presence.


The key to creating great marketing videos is understanding the audience and what they want.

In this article, we’ve shared 31 tips for creating great marketing videos. These strategies will help you make more engaging content that drives the desired results in your business.

Hopefully, these tips have been helpful and insightful! If you want to learn more about how these principles can be applied to your own video strategy or need some guidance with crafting a successful digital marketing plan, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Which of our 31 tips did you find most useful? Let us know by commenting below or reaching out through social media channels like Facebook or Twitter!